Tapping my foot impatiently


I’m still waiting for the contractors to get me the written bids for the work needed on the new house. I told them all, bluntly, that they have until the end of the day today to get this to me or I won’t be able to work with them. It’s true. I have got to get the paperwork to the mortgage company so we can have the appraisal done. We’re supposed to close on July 7– only two weeks from tomorrow! Come on people, do your part already! Sheesh. Don’t make me come down to your place of employment and smack ya around like an old rag doll. Because I’ll do it, damn it!

I’m also awaiting the final results of Olive’s bloodwork. I did hear from the vet yesterday, which was odd, because it was a Sunday. But she wanted to let me know that they are still waiting on results from a few specific tests they are running but so far, they know that her white blood cell count is elevated and there are “young white blood cells” present, which could indicate a serious infection somewhere in her body.

The vet is hypothesizing that Olive could have a tick-bourne illness called ehrlichia. It still doesn’t really explain the blood loss, but I guess some dogs that get ehrilichia end up having “heavy bleeding during estrus.” If she’s got this, it’s treatable with drugs as long as it isn’t into the serious chronic stage– at that point, it is treatable but it doesn’t sound good. So hopefully, we will find out an answer today at some point. (She is doing very well today, and yesterday she did great, too. I gave her a long bath to clean her up and so far, things still look relatively good back there. She’s still bleeding, but it’s not like it was at all. She seems to be a little more stable in other ways too: her breathing/panting has calmed down; she’s more mobile again and wagging her tail and smiling like the Olive I know; her eyes don’t look as glazed-over and runny as they did the other day; she appears to be eating and definitely drinking.)

So, as I await to hear things from other people, I guess I have nothing to do but fidget around and try my best to focus on other things I need to get done. Well, whatever…I might as well give *that* a try. It’s still Monday, though, and I feel kind of foggy-dumb, so I have to go shake this off!


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  1. Oh, poor Olive! I’ve been following along, but on my cell phone, so I haven’t been able to comment. I’m glad she’s feeling a bit better.

  2. Hmmm… ehrlichia. Hadn’t thought of that. And it compounds estrus, hmmm…? Curiouser and curiouser. Though I’m going to nit-pick on the emphasis they placed on the white blood cell issue. Gee. She had a fever. That would mean her white blood cells were up, too. Ya think? Fever is a sign the body is fighting an infection. You don’t have to note an increased production of WBCs to ascertain this. What kind of place are they running over there?

  3. Just heard back from the vet: No erhlichia, no Valley fever… she’s free of any of that stuff, which is good. However, her blood’s still looking unusual.

    Apparently the issue isn’t just the presence of the white blood cells, but the fact that there are a lot of “young” white blood cells. According to the vet, this means that her marrow is churning out new cells before they are mature; this is usually a sign of either malfunctioning bone marrow, or response to a massive infection somewhere in the body– the marrow is sending it out to fight because it’s an overwhelming problem.

    Now here’s the thing: her fever wasn’t very high. They kept calling it a “slight” fever. As for the blood loss, there’s still no explanation for that. Which sucks. I mean, come on, that was truly excessive. I was glad the vet admitted that, too… and Shades, she did admit that 15 (it was actually 17 days, since I didn’t blog about it until two days after it started) is really a very long cycle for any dog to have, when I asked her about it. But she continues to say that “that’s just how some dogs’ cycles can be.”

    So yeah, no real answers. I was told to just keep an eye on her, and keep giving her the antibiotics. I don’t feel totally satisfied, but I don’t have the time or money to do much else right at the moment. She does look *so* much better, and although she is still bleeding (can you believe that???), it is just spotting again. The vet said unless she takes a turn for the worse, she should be OK to get her spay surgery on Friday. Which is weird if you think about it. I mean, I know people who have had their surgeries postponed because they were sick with a virus or something. I’d assumed it would be the same with animals. Maybe not. Or maybe it’s just more important at this point to get this poor girl spayed already and stop this insanity.

    Sigh. I wish I knew. I’ll just take it day by day and see what happens, I guess.

  4. Do you want me to email my breeder friend and see what she thinks? She’s no vet, but she would at least have a huge grasp on heat cycles and things that can go wrong…

    Yeah, I figured that it probably began a couple of days prior to when you actually mentioned it on the blog. 17 days. Good lord!

    I truly feel that somehow, she was hemorrhaging. Somewhere. I mean, if a typical cycle (of bleeding) ends at 7-9 days and she bled for something like 10 days longer than that, and excessively, I just don’t see how that is any kind of “normal” or part of the heat cycle. She must have some kind of serious uterine infection or ovary cysts rupturing or tubal/ectopic something or other or maybe even a raging bacterial infection from trying to keep herself clean…?

  5. I was going to say the same thing as Shades, it sounded like a hemorrhage. Or something burst. I still think it could have been a miscarriage, but then again I am not a vet. One would think if it was an infection she wouldn’t be almost back to normal now. I hope her surgery goes well. I would be scared to have her put under if she is not totally fine too!

    I would find a new vet…this one doesn’t seem to know what is going on.

  6. Poor little Olive! I haven’t commented, but I check every day for updates. I’m thinking of you and Olive (plus keeping my fingers crossed on your housing-related issues working out!). Hugs!

  7. I am going to go with Shades and VP on this one; I think it was a hemorrhage as well. Or even something rupturing. I know that could be anything but it doesn’t sound like the doctor has a clue. I can’t stand when doctors, human and animal don’t know what is wrong. Meanwhile, the clock is ticking away and something worse could happen. Ruby has been bleeding here and there at this point and it’s turning that brown color so I know her cycle is almost done. But Olive sounds like something else besides her period is happening.

    Forgive me if I missed something but is this a new doctor? I remember you saying you were going to look for a new one. Do you think you could/should get a second opinion elsewhere?

  8. Yeah, I think it was something like that…maybe a cyst ruptured. Or, like Shades mentioned, there was a really severe infection she got from trying to clean herself. She had been dragging her bottom all over the yard, and who knows what’s in the soil? Ugh. Either way, it was DEFINITELY something else, I know it. That blood on Friday was bright red, not brown. And it was like she was stabbed or something; that wasn’t the spotting her period had given her earlier.

    This wasn’t a new vet or doctor; same one as before. But I am going to look for another one for SURE. I’m just really ticked off by the mistakes this place has made. If you’re an experienced vet, it should be relatively easy to determine if she had been spayed or not. And you know, too: Olive had cancer. Cancer! You’d think that the subject would come up in all of this, or they’d at least feel around, check the old incision site, etc. just to follow up and keep it in mind when she is in for other things?! I don’t know. I’ve just had enough.

    Thank God the antiobiotics are apparently doing something, though. She is much, much better and I hesitate to say it, but she might have stopped bleeding, finally. If anything does happen, we’ll go someplace else to have her checked out.

    Thank you, all of you, for your concern and thoughts on all of this! It’s been really hard. But here’s hoping the worst is all over! Yeah!

  9. Well, thank goodness for THAT, at least. I was going to second (or 3rd, or 4th) the suggestions to get a new vet, but you seem to have a handle on that. Keep us posted!

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