Time goes by so fast!


Both today and yesterday have been the kind of days where the hours just fly right by in a blur. I can’t believe it is already the afternoon and it still feels to me like it should only be maybe 8am or something. I have a lot to do, and not a lot of time to do it in. Eeep!

First and foremost, it’s work. I shouldn’t be blogging right now, technically; I should be editing and writing, etc. But this frustrated feeling of AHHHHH has just been getting in the way of my concentration and so, I puke it all out here. Blehhhh…hand me the bucket!

The cool thing is, a lot of stuff is FUN that I have to do, too. Like my first pedicure! I’ll be going at lunchtime today with R. I desperately need it because it’s like caveman feet down there anymore (maybe with a little less hair), and I actually need the stop-sit-breathe time, too. For whatever reason, it’s hard to admit you do need those times in order to be successful at everything else. I’m trying very hard to learn this and do something about it. Hence: pedicure. Whether I like it or not.

I also need to finish cleaning my house and getting ready because DFMP arrives tomorrow afternoon! I can’t believe his visit is already here. Sheesh. It felt like I had more time to prepare somehow. Nope. I did a lot last night, but there’s so much more to get done. I would like to call this carpet cleaning dude my sister works with to get my living room rug cleaned (we had some very bad ‘issues’ with Olive this week; basically, I am re-housebreaking her. I won’t get into it) so it doesn’t have any residual smells or stains when my guest arrives. But I don’t know if there is time to fit in a carpet cleaning anymore! After all it takes hours/days to dry. And I can’t leave work early because I am leaving work early tomorrow. And of the two things, I choose pedicure over carpet cleaning. I can always pick up another box of baking soda today on my way home, throw that shit down and vacuum it up tomorrow morning.

And I wanted to organize some fun stuff to do while he is here, but I haven’t done that yet, exactly. I know we have talked about some stuff, and a road trip to the Grand Canyon, but that’s the extent of it. I figure we will just make it up as we go. I don’t know why I am worrying about it. Probably just to worry about it, if you know what I mean. Nature of my beast.

And finally, HOUSE stuff. Oy. I had to go through and re-sign a loan application document that was 38 pages long this morning. I also need to send over my two most recent pay stubs, but I only have the one that is second-most recent. I forgot to pick up my last one (I’m on auto deposit) and so they mail them out after a day or so. It still hasn’t arrived in the mail. I’m panicking just a teeny, weeny bit. What if the missing pay stub is the thing to ruin everything? Ahhh! I know I’ll get it, maybe even today when I get home, but until I do… WORRY.

Anything else, Brain? Umm… I am hungry at the moment. Want lunch. I always want lunch, though. Nothing new there;

Need a haircut and to dye my hair: not likely to happen anytime soon;

I have to get Olive’s nails trimmed for SURE tonight after work;

I have to send a couple more things to the contractor ASAP… paint color ID numbers, etc… and in fact, I will do that right away when I end this because I keep forgetting to do this.

OK, whew. There it is.

I’ll end this with: SIMON! He’s just growing way too fast. Talk about time going by too quickly. He’s eating like a piglet and throwing his weight around, literally, when he plays rough with Hurley. I thought they were upset at one another yesterday because they weren’t really playing together as much; maybe something happened when I wasn’t home? But my Mom pointed out that they both just looked very tired out. Sure enough, this morning the madness was back on. All I hear as I get ready is a lot of running and thumping as they chase and wrestle throughout the house. Every now and then I can make out a grunting noise from Hurley, and a soft little yowl from Simon as Hurley once more pins him to the floor, mouth on Simon’s throat, and Simon kicking Hurley’s face with his back legs. It sounds and even LOOKS terrible, yeah… but they just do it all the time. If Hurley lets up and moves away, Simon leaps after him, front paws splayed, to grab him and start it all up again. Even though Simon is (temporarily) smaller than Hurley, it appears Simon has the upper paw in all of this insanity. It’s awesome when he chases Hurley across the room. I should record them and just sell it to a network as a show, because it’s a fun thing to watch. Never in my life have I ever seen a cat and a dog play like this. Maybe on TV, or YouTube, but not in real life! And I never imagined the dog and cat would be my pets. I love how it turned out, though. It’s so cool!

Plus, Hurley hops straight up in the air like a rabbit. Anytime I can introduce an element to bring on that particular behavior, it’s a good thing. It’s an instant mood-booster to see Hurley bouncing like a cartoon bunny, right in your face. Ahhh. Good times.


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  1. Have fun with DFYP. (I changed it to suit what I was saying, naturally.) Somebody I am pet sitting for is going out to the Grand Canyon today with his sons. I envy both of you. As you may have heard, NJ is rain-errific and it’s driving me crazy. I want sun and heat!

    By the way, I have been meaning to tell you this- the personal trainer I am working with has a sheltie named Belle. She also has an old rescued shih tzu named Daisy who is blind and ancient but very adorable. Belle is really funny because when were working out on the floor, she drops her toy on me and nudges me with her nose to play. She looks just like Hurley, although she has girlie eyelashes. 🙂

    You sure are busy so have fun doing the fun, less stressful stuff!

  2. Awww, a girl Sheltie named Belle! That would be an incentive to work out for me! 🙂

    Keep up the good work with the trainer, by the way. That’s awesome. I wish I could find a trainer I could do a barter thing with, although I have no services I could offer, really… “need me to write any articles for you?” Ha. NOPE.

    I’ll blog right now about DFMP. He isn’t coming anymore. 😦

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