Kitten in the wires


I don’t know what the fascination is with my Linksys router, but Simon seems to loooove going behind my desk, grabbing the cord and yanking hard so it falls off the back of the desk and onto the tangled mass of wires back there. He’s done it twice tonight alone. I’m thinking of buying chicken wire or something I can use to create a barrier so he can’t get back there so easily. I love him, but I don’t want him playing in the wires! It ain’t cool, little kitty.

Today was a mix between lazy and more active than usual. I mean, I stayed in bed forever this morning, even going back to bed after having breakfast. It was cooler than normal today, with a light breeze, so I turned the A/C off and opened the windows. I just loved curling up on my bed with the windows open, fan on, urging Simon to come curl up next to me. He did, and I ended up falling asleep actually holding one of his tiny paws. Hurley was sitting with his back against mine, which was so comforting. What a nice way to nap.

I had to give Olive a bath, because of, you know, all of THAT mess that is her heat cycle. This is gross, but her breath is so disgusting I could puke when I smell it. It smells like period. I know why, of course. And I hate it so much. I’ve been spending so much time gently shoving her away when she gets too close or, heaven forbid, tries to lick me on my face. Anyway, I bathed her and brushed her teeth and she does smell and look a lot better. I still don’t want her licking me, though. Sorry, sweet girl. I have my limits.

Hurley went to the groomer the other day and they did such an awesome job this time. I brushed him out again today and lots of loose hair came out. This was all stuff I could not get to budge before the grooming session. I know that the groomer costs money I don’t have right now, but it’s definitely worth it. He’s such a beautiful dog, he really does need to look and feel his best. He seems extra bouncy lately; it could be a combo between feeling neat and clean and having a little friend to wrestle with. Seeing him happy is definitely a highlight of any day.

So…me and iTunes do NOT get along. It has to be me, because everyone in the friggin’ world uses iTunes and they don’t seem to have these issues. Every time I dock my iPod, it starts automatically syncing with…something… and it pulls every last song right off the iPod. After having lots of trouble doing it, I put together a workout playlist today and did manage to load those 71 songs onto the iPod. But that’s all that’s on there at the moment: a measly 71 songs. I have got to figure out how to stop this music-suckage that happens because it has me completely pissed off and ready to return or sell the stupid iPod and go back to my tried and true Creative players. I just never had these types of problems with either the Zen or the Stone. The interface/ organizer for the music is so easy to use, not complicated with a store, “genius playlist” function and all of that extra crap… just load your music up, make playlists, drag and drop. Done. I miss that. I guess you just get used to what you know and resist change, right? Yeah. That’s me. Hatin’ change! 🙂

I took a nice bike ride today, and then went to see Terminator: Salvation tonight, finally, with my sis and BIL. I’d read such damning reviews I was expecting to really hate it. I didn’t, though. I got into it. I realized I was all tense a couple of times, not blinking… all of which makes me laugh self-consciously when I catch myself doing it. I wonder if I look stupid, with my mouth agape and arms tightly clenched in front of me. But I only think about that for a split second, because I don’t give a shit who sees me in the movie theater. It’s more me, imagining me, and laughing at me. If that makes sense.

The following is just for people who have seen the movie:

I thought it was pretty great up until the climax. A lot of convenient things were happening that just seemed improbable. For instance: why wouldn’t the machines kill Kyle Reese any of those 20 or so times they showed a machine’s POV identifying him? It just seemed like it would have saved them all a lot of trouble. But I guess he was the bait in this whole grand scheme to get John Connor and Kyle Reese both lured back to Skynet… still. I don’t know why they couldn’t have killed him anyway, since Marcus Wright had seen him getting taken by the machines and reported it back to John Connor, setting the final battle into motion. It’s not like Marcus or anyone else had a constant location on Kyle, and would know when he flatlined or something.

Also– the heart transplant thing was infuriating. I about screamed out loud: “What about tissue rejection? And blood types?! It’ll never work!” Besides, that was one damaged heart inside Marcus’ chest. The T800 had just reached in and stopped it somehow–clenched it into stopping, I guess?– and then in one of those convenient movie moments, John Connor jumpstarted it with some handy live wires that happened to be right there. So that’s a sickly heart, after all of that. And yet they were all saying “Oh, it’s such a strong heart” and then John Connor all the sudden has his wife make the sad diagnosis that “his heart can’t take it” and we know he’s going to die… HOW WONDERFUL. It turns out Marcus is ready and willing to donate his heart so John Connor can live. And rather than having someone point out “we don’t know if you would be compatible with him” or anything, they just agree to it grudgingly. Because by then, Marcus Wright is Everyone’s Friend. But they are totally cool with him being killed for an operation that isn’t even likely to be successful. Plus…hello…you are doing a delicate organ transplant in the middle of a frickin’ desert? With sand blowing around? Maybe not such a great idea. And I’m assuming they have a crapload of anti-rejection medications handy, too…


See, this is what sucks about me, as a movie viewer, sometimes. I love to get into a movie. I will almost always accept whatever crazy world is presented to me; I can appreciate a story for “what it is.” Suspend disbelief. But I can’t explain why at some point, some times, I find myself getting almost angry at the lazy storytelling. Maybe because I was into it, and then the movie’s writing betrayed my trust by forgetting very basic truths about what is possible. I LOVE SCI-FI. But you still have to present the sci-fi in a true reality, if you know what I’m saying. You have to ground it in order for it to be as believable as it can be. It appears that, for me, human medical truths are one thing that you can’t compromise on. John Connor would frickin’ DIE from this heart transplant, I know it. And that pulled me right out of the story and into cynical eye-rolling territory. It’s a shame, really.

I have got to get to bed. Unfortunately, I came home and ate a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich and it gave me energy I shouldn’t be having at 12:45 am. Damn it. I’m sure if I go lie down in bed and start reading more of People of Sparks, it will put me to sleep. Not that the book is boring, because it isn’t. I just don’t have the attention span for book reading, again. I lose it sometimes. It’ll come back.

Writing “It’ll come back” makes me laugh because it reminds me of that Justin Timberlake skit a few weeks ago on SNL. The one with the immigrants on the boat, talking about their future descendents, and Justin says that his great great great grandson will “bring sexy back.”

Someone on the boat looks puzzled, and asks, “Where did sexy…go?”

And Justin gets all impatient. “It’ll be GONE and he’ll BRING IT BACK.” I love that line. Because that song always made me wonder the exact same thing!! I never hear it anymore, but whenever I did hear it back when it was on the radio all the time, I’d laugh and think “I had no idea that sexy even left.”


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  1. Try this. When you hook up your iPod, watch the sidebar in your iTunes window for the device to pop up in your list of playlists. It will have a little iPod-shaped icon and the name of your device. Click that, if it doesn’t automatically switch to that screen, then use the tabs to navigate around iTunes: music, photos, etc… This is where you can then customize your iPod so that it either opens automatically upon docking- or not; you can also select whether to “sync all” of your songs/playlists (so that the iPod contains everything you have on iTunes) or not. I keep mine set up so that I can go in and manually click on what playlists I want loaded on my iPod, adding and removing them as I like. The first few times I tried after “discovering” this whole other section of iTunes (how it evaded me initially, I don’t know…) I forgot to hit “apply” when I was finished. Most of the time the devices will strive to create their balance, importing/exporting all music like osmosis until they achieve a state of equality, but sometimes failing to hit “apply” means you don’t have your iPod up-to-date (synced) with your iTunes lists. I’ve downloaded new songs before that I thought I’d added to my iPod, only to find that I never hit “apply” so they didn’t take when I added them to an existing playlist.

    Honestly, what pisses me off about iTunes is how if I create an “on the go” playlist on my iPod, it wants to copy that BACK to iTunes. I don’t want to save that shit as a whole new playlist! It was just temporary! Come on!

    I am not usually guilty of this , but it sure is funny sometimes, and eye-opening, the things you realize you missed when you bother to stop and read the directions. I never looked at the highlighted icon thingy, or noticed the tabs, clicked on them and realized they contained extra special controls in the beginning… I just happened to stop and use my eyes and brain one day, after I managed to free myself of the hypnotic point-and-click stuff, and, voila!

  2. I have never had any issues with iTunes. It’s always been really simple for me. Drag and drop, making playlist, etc. Try what Shades suggested and set your pod to not automatically sync when you hook it up, that may help.

    I don’t think I want to waste the money to see Terminator. I have heard too many negative things about it. You are the first person to say anything remotely positive. I will wait until DVD for that one.

    Try getting an octopus wire holder. (I think that is what they are called) It is something that gathers all your errant wires together and keeps them neat and out of reach of curious kitties. 🙂

  3. Oh and I LOVED that skit from SNL. That line was awesome but also “Publicly they would say they were virgins but privately…he hit it.” 🙂

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