What a week it’s been!


One week ago today, I found Simon. And it’s been so cool having him, it makes me wonder on some levels why I never had my own cat until now. Most likely, it’s because it wasn’t going to be just ANY cat; it was just meant to be him. Because he fits in so well with me and the dogs, and he has the best little personality for someone trying to make the transition into cat ownership.

Olive has backed off on the overprotectiveness, and instead just plays the role of disciplinarian when she needs to. She sounds the warning when Simon attempts to sneak into her food bowl while she’s eating, and when she thinks Hurley and Simon have been playing for long enough, she will do the same thing. Her warning is a very low, rumbling sound deep in her throat. It’s not a growl. It’s just like a mother doing that deep exasperated sigh when she gets home from work and sees no one loaded the dishwasher for her. Mostly, she ignores Simon, but does let him bat the hair on her tail around sometimes or rub up against her when he is walking by. She also lets him sleep up on the bed with us. He sleeps through the night, too.

And Hurley is doing great. He’s been playing with Simon almost constantly. Simon already comes when I call his name, and if I call for Simon, Hurley comes, too. Simon also likes to lay down next to Hurley and push his face and paws into his fur; and then, he flops over so he is lying with his back pressed up against Hurley’s body. And he purrs like crazy. Hurley will look down at his new little best friend and give him a quick lick on the back or head. I made one crappy film of the two of them playing and put it up on Facebook, but I plan to film some more this weekend because now I’m getting better at predicting the times they will play and I want to film in the daytime so it’s not as dark.

Basically, Simon is becoming a little bit like a dog. He follows me around and when I pick him up and talk to him, he replies back with little kitten mews and deep purring. He wants to go outside with the dogs so badly, but he can’t, so lately I have been scooping him up and carrying him with me to the back porch so we can watch the dogs run around and bark at birds. He seems to like this and already shows signs of wanting it to be routine, by running to the backdoor when I say, “Outside!” to the dogs. Is it possible he already knows that word, too? He made it to the door before the dogs this morning, and meowed up at me like, “Pick me up now.” Awww, he is melting my heart.

Then, of course, there has been the house drama. I made two offers on Monday, and prepared to make a third on Tuesday night (but ended up not doing it). I heard I lost the first one in the morning on my birthday…the people had accepted a cash offer… and then loss number two came about at the end of the day. That one made me cry. I’ve been really good and not allowed myself to get weepy-emotional about all of this ever since I lost out on the Beetlejuice house back in March and felt down about it for days. But I guess the stress got to me, and yeah, it DID suck that I was getting bad news on my birthday. It was beginning to feel hopeless again. Luckily, I went out with my sister and Traci that night and we had a great time just laughing and everything… I felt a lot better about the whole situation. Plus I went to Barnes and Noble with my sister and bought a really cool book on decorating and buying books is just good therapy any way ya look at it.

Yesterday started off crummy, with the beginnings of a headache that threatened to go migraine. Fortunately I managed to dodge that…again, the headache powders did the trick! I can’t believe that the stuff works so well for me. It must be the right combination of acetominephen, aspirin and caffeine, I guess. I had meetings and lots of work to get done yesterday, so I was busy and distracted and THEN–

The realtor called and said “Are you sitting down?” 🙂

I sat. She told me I got the second house I’d put an offer in on, from Monday. It’s in the same area as the Pretty House and only 200 square ft. smaller, with no HOA to worry about. She had really worked the listing agent over on this one… she said she even got almost weepy as she pleaded with the guy to give us a chance! Just recently she’s begun to tell people my sob story and explained the run of bad luck we’ve had, and I think it had the potential of backfiring but it also had an equal shot at working…CLEARLY! It did work. I guess the agent was even asking more questions, about where the other homes were that I was making offers on, how many other offers were coming in on those homes, and when she mentioned the Psycho House he was very sympathetic and, like the other realtors she’s mentioned it to, amazed that it happened because it’s just not a common thing.

(Oh! Speaking of the Psycho House… someone bought it and moved in. At first I thought the Psycho himself got it, because it was a single, older man living there and for over a month now, he has had bed sheets hanging in the windows as curtains, which looks so incredibly white-trash it’s laughable– this seemed to me to be Psycho-type behavior. But I saw the new owner out front, weeding, last weekend. He didn’t look too Psycho. The reason I know he is likely NOT the Psycho is because just the other day, on my birthday to be exact, I was driving past the house and saw a very suspicious dude sitting on the fire hydrant that is on the corner of the property of the P. House. The guy was all leathery and grizzled-looking from years of sun exposure, and was wearing a dusty black T-shirt with the sleeves and sides cut off and open; he was scrawny, with messy gray hair and a beard. And he was just STARING at the Psycho House. Seriously. Who sits on a fire hydrant [OUCH] and stares right at someone’s house like that?! It had to have been…THE PSYCHO HIMSELF! I really think I’ve finally seen him. And yeah, am I glad I didn’t buy that frickin’ house or what?!)

Anyway, getting back to my happy good news!

I think they are working towards a July 7 closing date, which is just great because I was thinking I might not be able to move into a new place until August at the earliest, at the current rate I was going. I do want to get out of this rental soon because I simply don’t trust the erstwhile owner or the listing agent to tell me a straight story. I asked recently when whomever was buying the house was going to close on it, and the agent told me the closing date had been “suspended” and then that they “were looking at a closing sometime in late July, early August.” So, wait. Is it suspended, as in, ended? No sale? Or just moved back? Again…no clear answer. “The bank is working with the buyer to determine a final sales price.” UGH. Whatever. I can’t wait to get out of there. I want to get away from my creepy next door neighbor who keeps trying to hit on me, mostly on Facebook (making me think twice about anything I post because he will either IM me about it, or make some borderline or flat-out inappropriate comment that makes me want to lock my door the second I get home). I want to move somewhere with a yard I can modify to my needs. (No more dead grass, dirt and broken fencing.) And yes, I want to get out of the neighborhood wher Psycho apparently is still lurking. He’s still only one street away. I can’t wait to be gone. The only thing that I am not happy about is being further away from work. But it’s still a way shorter commute than most of my friends here at work have, so I honestly don’t think I should be complaining about that!

The good news yesterday seemed to have given me a shot of motivation or something, because last night I finally cleaned up and organized my office/second bedroom. It’s been a nightmare in there; piles of papers, magazines and receipts. I’ve just been tossing stuff in there and forgetting about it. I’ve hated sitting in there at the desk because clutter was everywhere. Yet, I wasn’t in a big hurry to clean it up for some reason. But since Simon’s been living with us, the mess got a whole lot worse. He jumped on and messed up the piles, spraying papers everywhere. He also started chewing on the edges of some things. I have tiny teeth marks on the piece of paper that proves I went to jury duty in April. Clearly, the stuff had to get picked up. I did the whole thing last night. All that’s left is a contained pile of paperwork that I need to file away. I shredded or threw away everything else. It felt so good. It especially felt good to shred all of the failed sales contracts and counter offer paperwork from the 9 other houses I made offers on. Not sure why I was keeping that stuff, really… just lazy, I think. Combined, all of that made a pile that was easily five or six inches tall. No kidding. I hauled all the shredding out in a regular sized trash bag.

And now, I hope to have a mellow, productive weekend. I still have a long to-do list of chores to tackle, but I also want to make go to the movies or something fun, if I can. I do need to save up my money somewhat, both for the upcoming inspections fees and the closing, and for doing stuff when my friend is out here visiting two weeks from now.

Time to get back to work. I have to type a pretty exhaustive list of article ideas up by the end of the day. At least two out of three problem articles have been wrapped up this week. Just one more to go, and that one is the easiest of the three. Yay!


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  1. I still like cats, in general, and I’m still ok with my cats even though they make me crazier than I ever thought any pet could, but, GAWD, after EIGHT YEARS, the litter box thing is getting old. And mine are indoor-outdoor. I mean, when we live where it’s safe for them to be outdoor cats, it’s heaven. Or at least it was until Macie, who refuses to go outside at all, entered our lives. If not for her, I could have been sans litter box for some of those years. But since I have to keep it for her, I now have cats that are indoor/litter box only cats when we live in apartments, and then cats that use both the litter box and the world as their toilet when we live where they can go outside. And I hate it. I hate constantly stepping on cat litter in the bathroom, or in the laundry room. I hate finding it scattered atop the stove because some little heathen still thinks they have a right to hop up there and investigate for crumbs of food as soon as I leave the house. I hate dropping my clean clothes in the damn litter box when transferring them from the washer to the dryer… It gives a whole new meaning to thinking long and hard about how long a pet is going to live and what you are going to have to endure once you make that commitment. If we could just stay in one freakin’ place, I could eliminate the damn litter/litter box problem, at least.

    I also know a number of people who have successfully leash-trained their cats, should you like to go that route, and those who used to put their cat out on a clothesline tether. I know still others who actually purchase those outdoor kitty “playpens”, as well as a few who have had holes cut in the walls of their home that open out to homemade outdoor enclosures for such spoiled felines.

    Madness, I tell ya!

  2. I’m actually considering some of those options so that Simon can go outside. The first house I bought (with the writer-ex) had one of those enclosures outside, constructed of chicken wire, wood, a few metal sheets to provide some shade, and some landscaping pavers as the floor. The previous home owners cut a hole through the wall and installed a wee little cat door. They kept the litter box in there and I thought that was such a great idea! It took work to do all that, but it made so much sense with that set up. (We ended up propping the gated door of the enclosure open, and Malcolm used that cat door as his personal doggy door! It was so cute.) I know in your case, you would be much better off not moving all the time, so I do hope you will set up in a more permanent spot sometime in the near (rather than far) future!

    I might try the leash thing. Maybe. It’s never worked with any of my sister’s cats. But I think Simon could possibly emulate what he sees the dogs doing, and if we practice in the backyard, he just might get it. We’ll see how ambitious I feel like being with him! 🙂

  3. The way Spike goes to the door every time I get up to take the dogs out, I’m convinced he’d walk on a leash just fine. He actually expects to go out when they do, and he never has cared before. He did start acting more like a dog when we got Leo. He very much noticed and believes that it is in his best interest to be a part of whatever the dogs are getting to do, and actually does emulate a lot of their actions. He’s a royal pain in the ass, now, on a regular basis, thanks to that. He will even sit between them when they are practicing their tricks and commands and do his best to perform some of them if he thinks it’s going to net him a treat. I actually put a leash on him the other day, just to see if he’d associate his wearing it with getting to go out. He just sat there, but still…

    I recently read a quote to the effect that a person is NEVER going to be able to convince a cat that anything the cat has decided is beneficial to him isn’t. No matter what you do, a cat is never going to come to the conclusion that whatever he is doing (that you wish he wouldn’t) ISN’T going to be in his best interests. I wish I could remember how exactly that went- in a lot less words!

  4. I think the leash would be a great idea. Hopefully he is still young enough that it would take. I leash trained my cat I had before the girls and it was great. He could come outside and chill and I wouldn’t have to worry about him running away. Now, I tried doing that with the girls and right away, at 8 weeks they didn’t even like collars on. So no go with them. So we only let them out if we are out with them abd can watch.

    I am so glad you are loving Simon. He is such a cutie. I wish I could have watched that video on FB but I couldn’t get ti to play.

    Speaking of FB, I would defriend your neighbor and reset your privacy settings so he can’t find you again. Or at least block him. That way he can’t even search for you. Believe me, it works. My friend had blocked me by accident and she couldn’t even see me on mutal friends’ friend lists.

    I will be sending you a package soon with you (now) late b-day present. I am such a spazz and can’t seem to get anything together in a timely matter any more. Sorry! 🙂

  5. That’s exactly what I was thinking, re: FB and the neighbor.

    When I was a kid, we went camping and a lady there had a kitten on a rope “leash” that she took swimming. Yup. He did the kitty doggy paddle and enjoyed it! Everybody at the campground was in “awww!”.

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