Quick: WIN!!


I can’t believe I am finally writing this, but today, I GOT A YES ANSWER on one of the houses I offered on!!!

So at some point this summer, hopefully, I will be moving into my own home. One that’s going to cost me about $20K less than the Pretty House. Yet it’s still in that area of town, so I will be in a nice place. Seriously, I am a little afraid that by writing about this I will be jinxing something, but come on… what else could really happen that hasn’t already happened? As my friend Lisa put it, “I think you’re already filled your quota of psycho ex-homeowners!”

I don’t have very many photos of this house yet. Just the ones that were on the MLS listing. But I am either going to name this the WIN House or the Canvas House. I’m thinking Canvas, just because it’s definitely more of a blank slate. It needs some updating, particularly in the kitchen and bathrooms, and LOTS more color everywhere. So yes, it’s a blank canvas for me to get all creative with. It should be fun to do all this!

Here is the WIN/Canvas House!


Notice the big eucalyptus tree. Well, really, how could you miss it? That tree was a HUGE selling point for me. Even when we drove up, I was thinking, “Hmm, this has potential. I mean, look at that TREE!” I’m so happy to be getting my very own big, old tree to love!

There are still things to iron out…tons of paperwork, getting the inspection and appraisal done, setting the closing date… and yes, there is room for something to go wrong. But I am just so elated to reach this point, FINALLY, I want to jump up and down like a lunatic!

But I won’t. Because I am so busy with work right now. There is no time for jumping.

There will be time, though! Lots of it. I can’t wait to move along with this.


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  1. Uh…Congratulations!

    You know, when it’s official. Cause there will be no jinxing ’round here.

  2. yea!!!
    To say it’s been a long time coming is a huge understatement, but still…I’m so excited for you! And blank slates are the best — more room for creativity!

  3. NO SHIT! (Follow-up to yesterday)

    Congrats L. I don’t want to write anymore and jinx it so I will save my comment of joy when you either A) Close on the house or B) Move in.

  4. Thank you! And yes, we will not jinx it. I hope not, anyway. But so far, we are looking at an early July closing. That’s so awesome!

  5. I am giving a small yay here so I don’t jinx you but a HUGE YAY in my head because this is THE ONE!!! And I love it! It’s looks perfect. 🙂

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