The Disney Sunday Movie In My Mind


Today’s my friend’s last day here at the office. I’m surprised at how bummed out I am about her leaving. I know I’ll still see her, but it’s just that we had such an interesting dynamic of personalities around here, and without hers in the mix, it’s going to be kind of weird. I’ll miss her lots.

I went to a conference this morning and heard Michael Eisner talk about how to be successful by being creative within a “financial box.” It was a cool speech, I guess, and he even showed clips of The Lion King and Raiders of the Lost Ark as examples to punctuate some of his points. I was just amazed at how old he looks now. I remember watching those Disney Sunday Movies in the late 80s, and he would come on and do a lame introduction before every movie. I used to have a teddy bear that I thought had his face; his eyes are tiny and too far apart. Anyway, my three top Disney made-for-TV movies are, in no particular order: 1) The Richest Cat in the World; 2) Young Harry Houdini (starring my crush at the time, Wil Wheaton); 3) Exile (which featured a whole lot of cool Yaz music for a TV kid’s movie).

Is it bad that I sat there thinking about lines from each of those three movies as I was supposed to be concentrating on work-related subjects as he was talking? I still wrote some notes down, so I’m sure that I got something  out of the whole thing other than a strong desire to track down and watch that Exile movie as soon as possible. Look at this amazing cast list in the credits, man!

And yes, that IS Corey Feldman. And everyone’s favorite…Christopher Daniel Barnes.

Oh, so anyway, I heard some news on one of the houses today. Actually, I didn’t so much as hear it as find it out. House #6, the one with the IKEA kitchen, has changed to PENDING status. So they have accepted someone’s offer on it. Not mine. My agent couldn’t even get a reply or call back from the very rude, very unprofessional listing agent. So that blows. Now I am down to the DHARMA House and still, the Pretty (but more expensive) House. I am supposed to hear on both of those by tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow…Friday, May 29. Could I finally have an answer on this possibly-historic day? Man, I hope so. If not… whew, boy. Some shit’s gonna go down.

I have to head home now for the day, but I leave you with this: The opening to the little-seen Disney Sunday movie Casebusters…which is one I forgot about until I started looking through links on YouTube… but I’m so glad I found it…ANYWAY! Here it is! And it’s dubbed in German!


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  1. LOL! Oh, this brings back memories! I still catch myself recalling the intro from when they did “Disney’s Totally Minnie”. And my favorite is still that one about the bell sunken in the bayou that the boys are always trying to swim down to while avoiding getting eaten by the big gator… and I always forget what it’s called, but every time I look for it, it’s never been released to DVD…

  2. OMG, Chris Furrh!! You wanna talk about unneccessary consonants in a name? FURRH! I remember him being on your bdrm wall, miss sister.

  3. I don’t remember these movies, man. I remember the intros Eisner did. The movies? Not so much.

    That sucks about the house, and it sucks extra that they didn’t even TELL you about it. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed for the Dharma House…

  4. They never seem to release these movies to DVD! Otherwise, I’d totally have to buy a few of them. I don’t even think I have the ones we recorded off TV anymore…I have a feeling those VHS tapes are long gone. Boo. 😦

    Yeah, yeah, so what…Chris Furrh was on my wall. Along with Balthazar Getty! They were very brief crushes after I saw Lord of the Flies. BTW I saw that again not too long ago on TV, and was no longer as impressed. Although I still hate it when Piggy dies.

    Stupid house situation is KILLING ME, Fraulein. Just killing me. I haven’t heard anything yet about the Dharma house and I *should* this afternoon. Good God. This is just absolutely retarded now. I’m ready to go live in a cave at this point.

  5. Gawd- we watched Fuzzbucket until our parents were ready to scream. And still have it on VHS somewhere…

  6. I never saw Fuzzbucket! But I would watch it. I think my sister and I almost wore out the Richest Cat in the World VHS recording. It wasn’t even that good. We just liked it for some reason and still say random quotes from it. I miss those Disney movies! The new stuff today doesn’t compare.

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