Mad About the Boy


I’ve been waiting for almost a YEAR for this movie to be released here in the U.S. Go see Easy Virtue. See Jessica Biel sing– she isn’t bad at all! And see one of two actors I am totally smitten with. One is Andy Samberg. (He makes me laugh so hard, I can’t help it!) The other is…the boy.


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  1. I still don’t see her appeal. I mean, she isn’t even that good looking. Other than dating JT I have no use for her. I have never heard of that actor, what has he been in before?

  2. I don’t know…I think she’s OK. I’d take her over that Megan Fox chick any day. The actor is Ben Barnes and he hasn’t done anything really, other than Prince Caspian (which isn’t all that spectacular, oddly) and Stardust. But he’s going to be in more stuff soon. Like a very awesome-sounding adaptation of Dorian Gray. Mostly, I fell for this dude from pictures of him online. I like to look at pretty things. 😉

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