Puh-lEEEze call meeeee


I can’t take it anymore; the tension is ridiculous! I need to know something, anything, about the status of the house offers!! My agent is calling the listing agents and pestering them for info but so far, nothing is happening. I feel ready to jump out a window, I really mean it this time.

The only problem is I work in a single-story building. The worst I’d do is get a little scuffed up rolling in the gravel. So … OK. I will put off my grand window-jumping plans for now.

Please, please, PLEASE call me with some news! I can’t concentrate on much else at the moment and I really do need to concentrate on other things. I have a job that demands concentration and focus. I am having the hardest time trying to focus long enough to string a sentence together, let alone a whole article.

I’m going to look for that Queen song now; “I’m Going Slightly Mad.”


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  1. That is the worst feeling when you are waiting for someone to call you regarding something really big. It seems to take over your life in a way. I don’t know about you but when I this happens to me– I carry my cell phone with my every where. Ugh, that is such a crappy feeling now that I think about it.

    Well, I am, once again, sending positive thoughts your way. Should I possibly send some alcohol and a straight jacket your way as well?

    Kudos on posting the Queen video; I love them and that song is very fitting for right now!

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