Not one but TWO


House update!

I did view the house from yesterday and it was pretty great. Just like I thought it would be. It needs some cosmetic work, like paint and new vanities in the two bathrooms…I’d also like to open up most of the enclosed porch again because I have no need for such a big, un-air conditioned space, really. But a covered patio would be excellent. Luckily, demolishing the dinky little walls they put up would be a piece of cake.

I put an offer in on it two hours after we saw it!

And then, I found another house immediately after I’d just submitted that first offer. This one is also a foreclosed home, 3bd/2ba with a 2 car garage, but is a little bit larger and more finished inside. Well, except for the fact that it’s missing a space for a dishwasher. Luckily, they did the kitchen in IKEA cabinets and those things can be moved around relatively easily, or switched out for matching pieces that might fit better without spending a lot of money.

After viewing it this morning first thing, I put an offer in on THAT one, too! I have authorization to do multiple offers, so why the hell not?!  This one I am offering $10K more than I am on the first house, but that’s because the asking price was 10K higher. But for that $10K difference, the house might be a little more complete AND it is in a fabulous neighborhood. They both are in great neighborhoods, but the one I saw today is literally down the street from a dog park. And I could still ride my bike to work as it’s even closer than the house from yesterday.

So let’s call them House #5 (the one from yesterday):




And then there is House #6, which is the one I viewed this morning:




Both offers have been submitted to the banks; both ask for an answer by 6:00pm on Friday, May 22. With any luck one of these will come through! I am doing my damndest to GET A HOUSE ALREADY, and I’d be happy with either of these. Of course, one is a little cheaper but needs a touch more work, and the other is near the dog park and needs a little less work, so there are positives to both homes. I’ll just have to see what happens and what answers the banks give us. Most likely one (or both) will counter, but we built wiggle room into our offers so if they do that, we’re ready. Best of all, if they both happen to get back to me on Friday and I get good news on both, I have the whole weekend to think it through and make a decision since we won’t have to get an answer back until Monday.

This is really cool, and I can’t believe how much better I feel now about things. I’m not sad at all about passing up on the Pretty House, really. Not when these are in more convenient locations, cost a LOT less and give me ample room for my own decorating creativity. Plus…foreclosures! The last time I bid on a foreclosure I heard back and got it. Sure, it turned out to be the Psycho House, but still. My point is, the banks are quick on foreclosures, slow as shit on short sales.

So here we go! I’ll keep this blog updated because I can’t help it. I like blogging this crap.


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  1. Aww, I love how after all the frustrations of the first house (and second, right? my memory is horrible) you now have these different options with new houses. Yay for good karma coming your way!

  2. You have to stop posting such cool pics of gorgeous houses or you’ll make me want to move and well, I can’t right now. 😉

    Seriously though, this is awesome news and I cannot wait to hear the good news. Because, you know, there will be some this time! I JUST KNOW IT!

  3. That sentence about the “awesome news” and then “good news” sounded really dumb. Let’s just 86 that sentence, okay? I know you know what I am talking about.

  4. Heard back on House #5 (the one on Tuesday) just now. There are multiple offers in on it. So I can go ahead and offer my “best and highest” if I really want it. This is good news. At least it’s moving along. I’d still love to hear from the people with House #6 too, though! I’m going to lunch now to think hard about what I want to counter with. I think I probably should counter on both houses if I get a chance. After all, it will still be up to the banks to make any final decisions. 🙂

  5. I am loving House #6 a bit more than house #5, even though you would have to do something with the backyard. The kitchen was my selling point. #6’s kitchen is AWESOME!! I am keeping my fingers crossed for you! 🙂

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