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I’m kind of relieved to be back at work right now. It’s because I appreciate the silence following a very busy period of time. I’m not jumping up every couple of minutes to take care of something for someone. It’s nice. I don’t always appreciate it, I guess, until I spend some time without it.

The wedding was WONDERFUL! What a fantastic time! It went over so well, with very few snags, if any at all. My sister made a beautiful, happy bride and was in great spirits in the days leading up to the ceremony and the day of. There was very little stress or freaking out of any kind. Her new husband also seemed so happy and had lots of fun. It was just a nice wedding, all around. And I think the guests enjoyed themselves, too, which is great! We even had a few cute little kids there to entertain us; BIL’s little nieces were there and I had such a blast dancing around and joking with them. I am never around young kids. I don’t know how to act. But somehow it was easy with those two little girls, and I liked that a lot. I don’t want to NOT like kids or anything; it’s just that I am clueless about how to behave or talk to them, so I avoid them. Maybe if I am around some kids more often, it won’t be as hard. Who knows?

My sister and I both posted some wedding photos up on Facebook, so check that out if you want to see how it all looked! 🙂

My father and his wife were in town for the wedding. They stayed at a hotel for the first four nights, which was great for me in a lot of ways. Not only did I still get to enjoy my privacy and space at the end of some very exhausting days, but it was less time to share the one bathroom in my house. The two of them weren’t too difficult to have stay with me, except for the fact that my one bathroom wasn’t nearly enough for all three of us. I considered going to the backyard and squatting with a dogs a couple of times, since I had to go so badly and had to wait my turn. I made it through OK. Still, the size of my current house really made itself known with two out of town guests in its confines. Whew. It was a step above being in an RV or something!

One humorous thing: I’m not entirely sure, but I think one or both of them might have used my dog shampoo to wash their hair. Unwittingly, no doubt.

See, I have some fancy lavendar and oatmeal conditioning shampoo for Olive. I keep a bottle of dog shampoo on the corner edge of the shower, just in case either of them needs an emergency paw wash or anything after being outside. Olive’s shampoo happens to be in a pretty container with flowers on it. The words “dog and cat shampoo” are relatively small. But a silhouette of a dog and cat are clearly part of the bottle design.

The first time I found the dog shampoo inside the shower, sitting next to my regular shampoo, I laughed but figured that maybe the bottle had gotten in their way as they entered the shower (maybe they didn’t go in the way I do every day) and so they put it up there on the shelf. I put it back in its place.

But it was back with the other shampoo this morning. I honestly believe they might have used it!

I don’t want to say anything and embarass either of them. Besides, shampoo is shampoo, whether it’s for a dog or a person. What harm can soap do? It’s simply humorous to think of my guests using my dogs’ shampoo. Not sure what kind of hostess that makes me, but…

Speaking of the dogs, last night we took them down to the big dog park. My Dad and his wife are huge dog lovers, and we had already visited the park earlier in the day so they could check it out: it’s a very impressive park! I drove Olive and Hurley in my car, and the four of them (my sister and her husband [hee hee!] also went along) followed in my Dad’s rental car. At the park, O and H did pretty well, running around and being nice. But they both were much more interested in sticking close to us. I should take the two of them to the park more frequently. If I get the house I’m trying to buy, I will be a LOT closer to the park so it will be easier to do that. But really, for not being regular visitors to the park, they were very polite and seemed to have their own fun anyway.

A little pug/beagle decided it liked Olive, and hung around us for awhile. It was really funny because Olive is still learning how to play, and she does loud growly-noises at any dog that approaches her. Some dogs get scared, but others, like the pug/beagle, thought it was funny and just kept egging her on so she would play. She took the bait and did a few cute play stances and made crazy noises, making us all laugh so hard. It’s so obvious that my poor girl wasn’t well socialized before she met Hurley and I, but she is coming along so well! Her tail was relaxed and wagging even as she was growling and snarling at the pug/beagle (I refuse to call it a puggle because those trendy faux-breed names are retarded) and looking like she was about to fight him. Hurley stood back and watched the show with the rest of us, a big smile on his face. I give him a lot of credit for Olive getting this far along. When we first brought her home, playing was a completely new concept to her, and other dogs overwhelmed her. She’s still easily stressed out if too many dogs surround her or get between me and her (she whines or snaps– never tries to fight, though, thank God), but she feeds off of Hurley’s energy and if he is OK, she is more likely to settle down quickly. We also noted that she was keeping a sharp eye on her brother, and if he ran out to make friends with a dog, she would trot along and check out the situation, just like a protective older sister might. It was very cute. At one point, Hurley ran around a little with a two gangly, young Australian Shepherds, which made for an absolutely adorable, squeeee-worthy scene. Wish I had a camera. (Then again, I didn’t take any photos this past week except for at the wedding! I just forgot.)

My sister and I drove my Dad and his wife to the airport this morning, which was both sad and OK at the same time. We always hate to see Dad leave, and cry every single time. Today was no exception. But…we’ll still never be totally fine with his strange wife. Seeing her go is more of a relief than anything else.

There was much talk about moving down here after they retire. That would be so amazing! I hope it happens. I would love to have our Dad nearby. Plus I know he would be so happy here. He seems to truly love AZ. We’re just going to keep our fingers crossed he can convince his wife to leave NJ when the time comes. She has lots of kids, grandkids and even a great-grandchild. But we’ll see. She sounded pretty impressed with AZ on this visit, and was willingly checking out the prices of homes here.

In other news… I got an update from my realtor about the Pretty House(TM). It is definitely moving along well at the moment; the bank is currently actively working on approving my offer and so far, there have been no red flags, questions or anything from the seller’s bank. It looks promising. We won’t know, of course, until we get that final confirmation, but it’s nice to think this could actually happen. I will likely hear a YAY or NAY by May 20. It still feels like a long way away, but it’s better to have some sort of timeline. But no other offers have come in, and they likely won’t, since the seller’s agent did pull the listing from the active MLS when she said she would. If it’s not appearing when people do a search, then they aren’t going to know about it!

My friend, Dude From My Past, will definitely be visiting in June. He bought his plane ticket, so it’s happening. We’ve been talking and laughing a lot lately, and it’s also been fun reminiscing and discussing intelligent, philosophical things like we used to. I forgot how smart that dude is. So I’m looking forward to his visit, and spending time with him, my sister and BIL, doing dumb stuff and laughing. And debating the value of religion to today’s society.

And finally, the third thing is pretty amazing and yet, at the same time, I really can’t say much of anything about it all yet… both out of fear of jinxing it somehow and giving anyone I currently work with the wrong idea. But I can say it could mean I might have finally found a way to write THE WAY I REALLY WANT TO and make money at the same time. I might be paid to be funny. Stay tuned.

So, overall, it’s been a fascinating, busy and fun week. I’m looking forward to what happens next! So far, the only thing that happens next that I know of for sure is that I will be seeing “Wolverine” tonight, finally! I don’t care that the reviews haven’t been fabulous; there’s no way I am not gonna see it and probably love it!


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  1. I was waiting for an update from you. I, too, am happy you had such a nice time this week with your family. Lots of good stuff coming up in your life and in ours as we read about it.

    I like that you call that guy “Dude From My Past”. I like the ring to it. 🙂

  2. I am dying to find out about this “job” prospect. It sounds, as cryptic as you were, pretty wonderful for you! 🙂

    I am so glad things are going so well for you. The wedding was great, you had a nice visit with your Dad and things are moving in the right direction for your Pretty House. A corner has been turned and I am so exicted to see where things go.

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