Frustration: I Has It


Look, I don’t really want to make this an all-real-estate, all-the-time blog. I really don’t. But at the moment, it’s the main thing going on in my life. And it is driving me absolutely batshit insane.

As I mentioned in the comments section on the last post, the house I was interested in already has an offer on the table. This house was listed LAST THURSDAY. The bank has to answer by tomorrow, and so tomorrow we will know if the bank accepted that offer or not. If not, I am making one. But my gut feeling is that the bank will accept, or counter, that offer. I’ll be shit out of luck, as they say.

I found a couple other places online, because frankly I can’t concentrate on much else and find myself compulsively searching through the MLS like an addict, all day and all night long. Anyway. I’ve tried to find out if any of them are short sales, and a couple of them DO look they are, so that blows. The others seem to be lender-owned, so that’s actually good news. (It’s not as if I will find a normal listing anywhere.)

I was all set to go look at some of them this afternoon, but my realtor just called me and cancelled. She’s at the doctor for something and it’s taking a really long time, so she asked if we can go tomorrow “or some other time.”

I really like this realtor, but… should I look for another one?

The thing is, it’s going on three months now, and she has yet to present me with a listing SHE found.

Everything we have seen has been something I found, with the possible exception of what we saw on Sunday, because we sat in her office and searched through the MLS together.

As R pointed out to me today, by now she should know my preferences and my tastes, and shouldn’t she be able to make at least a couple of suggestions? And what if she just isn’t aggressive enough to get these deals closed for me? What if she had encouraged me to counter high on that awesome house, instead of just asking me “what do you want to do?” and adding, “maybe we should just start looking for foreclosures”? What if she HAD pulled the comp listings and guided me into a smart counter offer? Would I have won that house?

Well, in some ways, I think I am looking for someone, anyone, to blame right now. Because I feel so down and disheartened about this entire situation. Maybe she is just as good if not better than other realtors. I don’t know at this point.

I am on two different medications, and this particular cocktail has worked so well for me for years now, but lately… I am considering asking for something stronger, something to help me take my mind off of this. I need a break from thinking about houses, condos, foreclosures, short sales, bastards-who-steal-houses-out-from-under-you…

They put the post in the ground yesterday for the house I’m in. No sign is up yet, nor is there a lockbox out front. But soon people will be showing up, wanting to see it. GREAT. Can’t wait for that hassle. Already, on Friday after work, a realtor showed up and asked if his client could view the house, which I did allow right on the spot. Why not, I figured. It’s not like it’s MY house to sell, so who cares if it was super messy and dirty at the time?

I’ve also got to get my taxes done, probably tonight. I’m running out of time, clearly. I’ve also got to make an appointment with the person I want to have do the alterations to my bridesmaid dress. Dude From My Past wants to talk on the phone tonight. But I have to turn that one down. I can’t talk to him and get my taxes done at the same time. I’ll be at Jackson Hewitt, and I’m pretty sure they’re going to need me sitting right there answering questions as they go. I’m stressing about not having all the paperwork I’ll need, or something.

And finally, the poor dogs. They didn’t get to go on a walk last night since I was out late and then felt too headachey to go. Now today I still have the headache, on top of even more stress than I had yesterday (although yesterday was BAD. Like, puffy-eyes bad). I hope I get done with everything early enough to do something with them. Plus, Hurley really, REALLY needs attention paid to his coat. I’m not positive, since this would be the first season that I’ve had him, but I think he’s entering the time when he is shedding his undercoat. All I know is he looks more matted and scraggly than ever before, and he is more sensitive to me trying to brush and comb everything out. He keeps escaping and running away from me when I sit down to work on his coat. I might need reinforcements to help me hold him. And then, I can just tell it’s going to take at least a good hour to get finished.

At the moment, I am trying to block out an annoying co-worker who keeps on yappin’ in a condescending manner to anyone who wanders into his vicinity. He does NOT have an indoor voice. I can’t tolerate it when others in a cubefarm don’t take that into consideration, and just holler and pontificate like they are at the pulpit of the Church of Modern Day Middle-Managers and Patron Saints of Assholes.

Words and phrases I hate right now:

* “presentation”

* “PDFs”

* “so, to review…”

* “you just browse for the list… you know how to find a list?”

* “the reason being…”

* “let’s just do it FOR FUN.”   What?

* [insert the sound of ha ha ha ha ha low-chuckling laughter here]


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  1. First, let me just say that I don’t think you are alone in this right now. We have friends who are in the market to buy a house and they are having a hell of a time, with a lot of the same issues. They can buy a bigger house than they could normally afford, because the market just sucks right now and so prices are down, but they don’t know they could afford the utilities on it. And they’re not super impressed with the selection, so when they do find things they love, they haven’t gotten in fast enough (or high enough, bid wise) and they lose it. People keep saying it’s a buyer’s market right now, but I feel like it just ain’t nobody’s market right now.

    Second, YES, you should get a new realtor. Not to disparage your current realtor, because it’s got to be a helluva time to try to sell houses, but still, she should absolutely know what you like by now and the fact that she hasn’t shown you any of her own suggestions is ridiculous. We’re not even in the market for a house right now and our realtor will occasionally send me listings that she thinks we would like, just to stay on top of what we prefer, etc.

    Third, when I picture you at your job, I often picture the exact set in the movie “Office Space.” This is neither bad nor good, but I thought I would share. I just assume you hear a lot of shit about TPS reports and cases of the Mondays and now I will stop making outdated references.

  2. Get a different realtor.

    Also, pick up a Zoom Groom while you’re at it:
    (Beware, the fur really FLIES with these things. You have not SEEN fur flurries until you have used one of these. Using it on cats is even “worse”.)

    You can also put Hurley on his leash and shut it in a door while you groom him, if necessary. Grooming tables that professional groomers (and show handlers) use have a special attachment that you clip a leashed dog to so he stays on the table. Hell, invest in a full-blown grooming table… Furminator also gets rave reviews but is expensive.

    Slow down with Dude From Your Past. If he’s anybody who’s anybody, he’ll stick around.

    One thing at a time,

  3. I don’t know squat about real estate but I also think you should try another realtor. Even if it is just having someone to compare the other one to but I really think you current realtor is not doing such a hot job. I do wish you luck with this whole house search. It doesn’t seem to be an easy thing to do. Even when I was looking at apartments; you get sucked in and want what you want but it has to be the right time. It does suck though, no bout a doubt it. 😉

    And write about whatever you want. If you wrote about stapling paper, we’d read it.

  4. Um, your realtor sounds … not very good. Seriously, and for the very reasons you mentioned. It’s good to have a professional helping you, but not if you’re doing all the work. I’m sure she’s very nice and all, but you need someone to help you find a house, not attend your tea party. Do what’s right for you.

  5. Christina – It’s so strange right now, with this market. It’s nothing like it was just a few years ago, that’s for sure. I have learned so much these past few months. And really, tell your friends not to go for the bigger house than they could normally afford… that doesn’t sound like a good plan at all. That’s how the market got into this mess in the first place. I hope they aim a little ‘lower’…that sounds so bad. But I mean it with good intentions. Either way, big house, little house… this market sucks ass. Blah. OH! Office Space! In some ways, yes, it is like that. Not as corporate, though, thank God. But a cube mate across the way from me does have a big Jump to Conclusions Mat hanging on the wall. Which I covet and want to steal. 🙂

    Shades- I read the reviews for that Zoom Groom and it sounds so awesome! I am definitely going to pick one up this week. Thanks for the tip! And last night, I did ‘tether’ Hurley up so I could get some work done, and after a few minutes of struggling like a bad kid, he relented. The look of total submission on his face was seriously hilarious, though! I know I shouldn’t laugh, but… oh man. So funny. Because it’s Hurley. And he’s cool. Regarding DFMP: no worries at all. It’s very, *very* slow. In some ways, I’m dreading the phone call with him because I am praying he isnt expecting something I’m not offering, if and when he visits. I am treating it like a friend coming out for a visit, seriously. I used to have guy friends all the time. I still do have a couple, I guess… but I do miss him because of his sense of humor and the stuff we have in common (as friends! I can’t stress that enough!) so it’ll be fun to take him around to places out here, introduce him to my friends. He’s had some drama, too, and could use the fun times.

    Naynay- My realtor. Oh, dear. It’s true, I think I should consider moving on. But it’s sooo hard for me! I know I am way too nice, too patient and forgiving with people like her. But I keep comparing her to the last realtor I used, who was a total airhead asshole and screwed up all the time, and so compared to that, my current realtor is an angel. However, that being said… there’s only so much of a chance anyone in her position deserves. This morning, I got an email from her telling me she got some unexpected news yesterday and needs to have surgery soon. She said she would still like to represent me as my agent, but just having her say that makes me think she might want out, too. I can’t blame her if it is, in fact, a medical reason. Hell. But anyway, I am getting her to show me something this afternoon for sure, and then beyond that… who knows. I’m going to start looking, maybe today, for other agents. A necessary bummer.

    Fraulein- I answered your comment with the one above to Naynay, but I don’t want to leave you out of the comment-comments! So here it is, Your Comment Back. How are you enjoying it so far? It’s pretty lame, I know… that’s how I roll. But you are not lame, you are awesome and I’m glad you’re back to blogging. I missed you so much. And now, since you mentioned a tea party…can we get together and have one? Sounds like a good time. Especially if we can make it a tea and CAKE party. Mmmm. Cake. 🙂

  6. I am of the get a new realtor thought as well. While nice, she doesn’t sound like she is getting the job done for you. Who knows, maybe if you had a more aggressive realtor you would have gotten one of the previous houses you had been interested in. And if she has not come up with anything on her own it is time to more on to someone who will think about your needs and do their job, which is to find you a house.

    And never worry about you talking about all of this one here. It is what is going on in your life and we love to be in the know! You could list people’s names out of the phonebook and what you think of how they spell their names and we would be entertained. 🙂

    Try to take some time each day to have some one on one time with the dogs. Not only will it be good for them but great for you. Time you don’t have to worry about anything else but them. Pets are a GREAT stress reliever. Whenever I am feeling like everything is hitting me at once, I grab myself a cat and just pet and talk and chill with them. Works wonders.

    Plus, you can always call or text, even if it is just to scream “I CAN’T TAKE THIS ANYMORE” and hang up…I’ll be there. In fact, that might just make my day. 🙂

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