Yesterday was Palm Sunday?


Wow, that came up fast! I didn’t realize we were already in Easter week. Well, shoot! I don’t know why I’m surprised. It’s not as if I haven’t already bought and eaten more than a couple bags of Easter candy by now. And my sister did make dinner reservations for our Easter dinner, but I assumed that Easter was still a couple of weeks away, at least.

Well, then, there it is. It’s not. Easter is NOW. I have to get used to it and move on. 🙂

In other news:

* Looked at other houses this weekend, this time in a different part of town. More variety out there, but not a lot of serious possibilities. I found two I liked, but both will require some work and I would need to really decide if I did want to live out in that part of town. I’d no longer be able to ride my bike to work, that’s for sure. But then again, I’d be down the street from my sister. Pros and cons, pros and cons…

* I’m just hoping that a miracle happens and I do wind up getting the beetlejuice house. That’s the only one I really want. Seriously. It’s just perfect in so many damn ways it makes me want to scream when I think I might not get it. I should hear something by tomorrow morning, apparently. Just a little more patience required…and a whole lot of crossed-fingers.

* I’m meeting my friend for lunch today. I have never met up with her, and it’s dumb because she works right down the road from where I work! I finally remembered to ask her and she is able to go. So that should be a little ray of fun in this Monday.

* In serious news, I am so worried about my sister’s cat. He suddenly came down with a mysterious medical condition…I won’t get into it because it is HER cat and if she wants this stuff shared, she’ll share it… but suffice to say, I am praying very hard that he will be OK, and wanted to ask everyone else to just send positive vibes their way right now. He’s a great cat and he is totally deserving of your prayers, I promise. 🙂

* I went to the film festival this weekend a couple of times. It was cool. Saw Wet Hot American Summer on the big screen, about which I’d geeked out all over the place. I was sad though that more diehard fans didn’t come out for it. Maybe there are no diehard fans, really. Maybe it’s just us. Well, either way, it was really fun seeing it in a theater and listening to an audience laugh at it. No one laughed as hard as we did, though. Whatever. Other people can suck it.

*I did something kind of out of character for me, and invited someone from my past to come to my sister’s wedding. And he wanted to, but couldn’t because he wouldn’t be done with college yet by the date of her wedding… but he is looking into coming out anyway to visit for a few days in a couple of months. Weird! But it’s cool. We should have some fun. We laugh a lot.  And it means NOTHING. It is just two friends hanging out. It is not a chance to see if a spark is still there or anything. It’s just lighthearted and casual. So no big expectations are there. Thank God.

I have to go meet that friend of mine now. It would really blow if I go and invite her to lunch only to be late.

I’m always late for everything, though. Usually by about 5-10 minutes, anymore. Why, I don’t know. I need to work on it.


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  1. Poor kitty! I want to know what’s going on. I will just email sis and ask her since there is nothing on her blog. I hope he’s okay! 😦

    I am hoping you get the house as well. The waiting must be torture. I have the patience of a pencil so I would be dying because I wouldn’t be able to stand it any longer.

    I am going to rent Wet Hot American Summer. I think I told you on Facebook that my sister loves that movie and she is always bugging me to watch it. I want to see it because I like the people in it but I never get around to renting it. I don’t have Netflix anymore and I am too lazy to go to Blockbuster. Maybe I can find it online.

    Ooh, a guy from your past coming to your wedding, eh? Sounds nice. If it is nothing, at least it can be you kinda sorta moving on from NX. It’s a start, right?

  2. I am owrried about your sister’s kitty too! I shall email her too. And I will be thinking of her. Poor kitty. 😦

    I have never seen Wet Hot American Summer but everyone says I should. Worth it I guess from you geeked outness.

    I love that you are moving on and getting a date for your sister’s wedding. You ttoally rock!

  3. My sister’s cat is doing so MUCH better! I saw him last night and he seemed pretty good. Hopefully everything was a false alarm. My theory is he miscalculated a jump and twisted something in his leg or lower back. Hey, if it can happen to people…

    Wet Hot American Summer: I love it, my sister loves it, but not a lot of other people appear to love it. Or “get” it. (So much like Tim & Eric, too!) There’s nothing to get, really… it is what it is. And it has lots of things that purposely do not make sense, so be prepared for that. Just let it go and let the goofiness of it wash over you, if you watch it.

    Oh, and you must have missed the part where I said he can’t make it to the wedding. So no, I don’t have a date for the wedding. Nor do I WANT ONE. That wouldn’t have been a date, in my eyes. I don’t know what it would be! Just fun. However, the dude in question is probably coming out to visit the week after my birthday. I’ll talk to him tonight, actually, and figure out some of the details and hopefully ascertain what page he might be on with all of this. Hopefully he’s not looking to rekindle anything.

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