Possibly some strange Mercury-in-retrograde shit or something


Things are going haywire. First, my realtor had been told all week that we were the only offer on the table for the house I want to buy. But then all of the sudden, last night there were “multiple offers” and we were urged to counter with our best offer. I panicked and freaked out, because the whole thing sounded like a big mess with the listing agent playing games with my realtor, and UGH. I am making my counter offer tonight, and they are asked to respond by Monday at noon. It’s also the only offer I think I’ll make on this property, since it’s about $7K more than what I had originally offered. If I don’t get this house, I’m done.

I might go see some other houses in the area on Sunday, just to get a backup plan in place, but I’m starting to feel so weary of this whole ordeal that I’m thinking of just saying the hell with it and renting an apartment somewhere. Maybe the universe is trying to tell me not to buy something right now, for some reason. Maybe I am meant to move out of state soon? I don’t know. Either way, my brain and heart are completely stressed and sick of this.

And then there’s a dog problem. Last night, Olive turned on Hurley and it’s got me all bothered. They were doing so well! Playing and having fun and being sweet, and now Olive is actively attacking poor Hurley for some reason. I thought it was over rawhides, because the first fight happened last night on the patio out back, and when I went to break it up, there was a rawhide lying there. So I wrote that first fight off as a rawhide-related scuffle. But I threw the rawhide away. “If you can’t behave with it, then NO ONE gets the rawhide!”

A little while later, she wouldn’t let him come near the bed when I was going to sleep. And then a few minutes, she jumped down and full-out attacked him and all he was doing was standing in the bedroom doorway. I am stunned, bewildered, sad and depressed about this whole thing. I mean, what the hell is this all about?!

I’m taking Olive to the vet in a few minutes. Maybe she’s in pain or something and that’s why she’s being so bitchy. Either way, I have to fix this. I can’t have it.



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  1. You need to take a deep breath. And for like five minutes forget everything in the world. It might help you relax.

  2. The house thing will work itself out. If you don’t get this one another one will come along. Perhaps you are right, maybe it is not time for you to buy right now. Don’t stress over this because it should be a somewhat exciting and fun process and not cause you undue stress. These banks need to stop playing games and realize that jerking people around is not a way to do business. So don’t play their game.

    As for Olive, I was going to suggest maybe this is something from her surgery. Maybe she has some discomfort and is lashing out? It seems odd for her to have a complete attitude change all of a sudden and it is too close to what she just went through. But I know nothing about dogs. Where’s Shades with all her good advice? 🙂

  3. Several hours later, things feel much better. I made my counter offer, and feel like I did the best I can and it’s out of my hands now. Whatever happens, happens. Because you’re right, VP, this process should be fun and exciting– not terribly stressful. I do love going to look at houses and daydreaming about it, and I am just so set on this one house I think I am just feeling really growly about wanting it and not lettin’ anyone else have it. It’ll work out, one way or another…

    And at the vet, I was assured that what is going on with Olive is pretty normal actually; I’ve just never seen it look exactly like this myself yet in my experience living with dogs. She’s trying to assert control and domination, pretty plain and simple. Why now, why so seemingly-unprovoked? We might never know. I might have inadvertedly given her some signal that Hurley was weak, or a spark of jealousy might have ignited between them. Who knows? However, I do need to step in and put her in her rightful place. So beginning tonight, no more sleeping on Mom’s bed. No one will be allowed up there. It pains me, since it’s one thing I can’t help but love, since it’s so cuddly and nice, but my foot’s coming down. And she so much as gives him the start of a snarl, she’s getting a correction, either verbal or a squirt from a water bottle. Verbal/noise should do it. I’m just going to be on high alert and keep watching like a hawk!

    Pets can be challenging sometimes. Oy. That’s why God made them so cute, I guess.

    But tonight, they were happily rolling around and playing when I got home from being out all night. MUCH better, and back to normal again. Or so it seems. Or is. Who knows? Either way, I feel like acting all smug and saying, “Yeah, whatever. I got this.” Cool. 🙂

  4. The frustrating thing for people who have worked so hard busting our asses to make sure we have raised well-behaved canines is-

    We forget that, just like children, they can, will and do have their good days, bad days, “off” days, meltdowns, temper tantrums, “he touched me/she looked at me funny like that, I don’t like you, I don’t want to play anymore, IT’S MY SCATTERGORIES AND I’M GOING HOME!” moments.

    Somehow, the painstaking care we take in everything we do with them causes us to forget that they are animals and crap like this happens.

    I agree with your vet, and with you, and I also think Olive’s meds, recent procedures, and any kind of perception she might have assumed since then that she is somehow suddenly “more special” might be coming in to play.

    The good news is that, as Hurley IS your “firstborn”, you DO get to do things like feed him first, give him the first treat, defer to him, etc… Sometimes this works better in some households. The “treating everyone equal” theory is just as good, but it doesn’t always work for every dog. If Olive doesn’t seem to be getting the right message with that type of procedure, you might try treating her like the second-in-command, rather than including her as equal. If she truly has alpha dog issues, this will create even MORE problems, … you’ll just have to do some trial & error to see which method works best for you guys. Whoever is the natural second will be happy as second, whoever is the natural leader will be content with that and there should be harmony.

    I also understand the “if you can’t be happy with what you’ve got then NOBODY gets any” philosophy. It was my own, until I mentioned it to a professional trainer acquaintance once, who said “Well that’s the wrong idea…” He was right. It’s MY treat/toy/bed/whatever and because it’s MINE and not theirs I get to decide whom to bestow it upon. Again, you’ll just have to see which method works better for you guys.

    You’re off to the right start, at any rate. Have fun!

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