The low, low price


I was expecting to hear something from the seller’s agent by close of business yesterday regarding the house I am trying to buy. Nothing. Then nothing all day today. I’m reminding myself that “no news is good news” and that just because they’re not quick at the reply doesn’t mean they won’t accept (or at least counter) my offer. This is, after all, a short sale, and these things are apparently notorious to close… usually taking anywhere from 60 days to 120 days. Still, come on. If someone’s put in a full-price offer on a property, and they are ready to go with financing, what in the goddamned hell is the problem? What are they waiting for? Someone else to come along and offer a higher price? Shyeah, it’s not likely. So unload the damn property and move on.

Admittedly, this whole experience really has me down. I’ve been trying to buy something since February, and this being the third property I’ve attempted to buy… it’s just making me so sick and tired of this process. I want to have a PLAN in place, now. Yesterday, in fact. I don’t do well with uncertainty and not being able to take control of a situation. I hate not knowing when and even IF I am moving. I hate not knowing how much my payments each month will be, since no offer has been accepted at the moment. I want to be budgeting and lining up the next step. Being forced to sit on the sidelines like a dope because there’s nothing I can do is an awful feeling.

I said IF I move in the previous paragraph. That’s because once more, I am beginning to consider just buying this place and calling it a day. Sure, this house is also a short sale (which is one of the biggest misnomers I have ever heard, btw) and it would likely take months to close on it. But at least I’d be living in it in the meantime and wouldn’t have to pack up and move everything.

Plus, the price just dropped. Drastically. It’s now listed at $89K.

And I spoke to the listing agent today because I was curious as to when an actual lockbox and sign would appear out front. It seemed weird that the house has been on the market about a month or so and still no way for anyone to come in and view it. She told me that the reason the lockbox and sign weren’t here yet was because they were waiting for me to make an offer.

“Any offer,” she said. “We’ll accept any offer because we want to get it sold, and it would be ideal if you were the buyer.”

Needless to say, it’s so tempting to think of the very small mortgage that would mean. Hundreds of dollars less per month than the rent, and even less than the payments on the house I want. I could rebuild my savings so much faster with less going out the door to home payments. And at that price, I’d be sure to make a profit in a few years.

But again, there’s that pesky gut feeling that says, “Ehhhh.”

I feel like I am being ungrateful for this opportunity to own a decent house for less than $100K. This is not a bad house by any stretch. It’s adorable, in fact. I love the kitchen, the bathroom and the front yard. It feels cozy and homey here. I have nice neighbors. So what the happy hell is the problem with me?

I guess it just comes down to the fact that I want the most house for the money, and the house that will need the least amount of work.

This house needs a new fence, badly. And ceiling fans throughout…summer is rapidly approaching and fans are a necessity here. It’s 909 square feet, making it smaller than apartments I’ve rented, and stretching the limits when it comes to being able to accommodate overnight guests. The storage space in here is cramped and I don’t like the way the one shower wall makes a “squish” noise when I press on it. (Water’s behind that wall… and we all know what that could mean down the road…) In addition, the roof is looking shabby, I hate the popcorn ceilings in every room, the windows need to be replaced, I would want to cover the back porch, and if I am going to attempt to grow any grass out there in the backyard, I’d have to install a sprinkler system because hauling around the hose-sprinklers isn’t cutting it.

So any savings in mortgage payments is likely to be eaten up in home repairs and updates.

Clearly, the other house, the “beetlejuice house” as I am lovingly calling it for the time being, is the wiser choice since the only things I’d want to do are replace four windows (one is cracked) and possibly put carpet in the bedroom. Really… that’s it for now. Oh, and it might need some paint on a few of the walls where I’m not crazy about the color combinations, but that’s easy and more of a fun thing than work.

There are pretty roses out front in the garden. I’m worried they’re going to die without someone living in the house to take care of them, especially as the days grow hotter!

Why can’t they just let me buy it and move in so I can save the roses?

Maybe I should make that argument. At this point, it’s about as good as any other thing I could tell the bank. Logic feels like it doesn’t apply anymore. So why not try to roses approach?

OK, I have got to get off the computer and go to bed. If I continue fixating on this I’m going to pop a blood vessel. BLAMMO.


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  1. DON’T BUY THE HOUSE YOU ARE IN. I said that in all caps because I really mean it. You won’t be happy. It’s just a gut feeling I have. And if I have a gut feeling and you have an “Ehhh” feeling, well, then it just won’t be right. I know all this waiting sucks. But the house you are meant to be in (I do hope it is the Beetleguise house!) will happen for you. DON’T SETTLE!!! Okay, I am done ranting. 🙂

  2. No problem! I appreciate your “rant.” You’re so right… this one just isn’t meant to be my house. It was a transition point for me to go from married to divorced, and now I need to move on and not take on any more problems.
    Thanks for the support! Really! 🙂

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