My sister needs a shower, dude.


Last night’s episode of LOST was another fantastic episode, for sure. It was cringe-inducing (watching Sawyer, uh LaFleur, pace as Sayid blabbered out the truth from the sugar-cube-acid was PAINFUL, and I loved it!) and it also made me shriek, “YES!” when Sayid shot someone in the final scene. Even though I just know that the someone probably isn’t really dead… it was still a great thing. Immediately my mind started swarming with what the consequences would be if it turned out this person really DOES die. What would it do to the entire show? Would they have even crashed on the island (the first time) at all? And the list of other things that wouldn’t happen if this death were really true goes on and on and on, making my brain feel all loopy and goofy. And that is precisely why I love it so very much. The only thing I don’t love about that show is how fast the hour goes by. I can never have enough in one sitting.

I also watched Better Off Ted last night, and it was pretty good. Not great, and definitely not even in the same class as some other comedies I love… but still goofy and a little weird. I’d watch it again. But it’s not DVR worthy.

I’m finally making a dent in my long to-do list this week. Last night I did some crafty-type activities, and that was a lot of fun. Tonight I have another set of things to get accomplished, and the list is even longer on Friday night. This is because I’m putting together a shower for my sister, and so much of that kind of stuff has to wait until the last minute. You can’t really prepare a bunch of food more than a day in advance or so. (And I am not a fan of freezing the sort of stuff I’ll be making, so that’s not an option!) It’s a lot of fun planning this thing, to be honest. I have never done a bridal shower, and in fact, I can only recall attending my OWN bridal shower; I haven’t been invited to any others except when I was about 9 years old or so. I’m pretty sure my name doesn’t pop into people’s heads when they think of guest lists for any type of shower, just because I’m not a showery-type person, anyway. God knows I don’t do well at baby showers. And wedding showers sound like they are usually so frou-frou and retarded…and I have made this opinion known, so yeah, who’d want to invite the bitch who thinks the whole thing’s retarded? šŸ™‚

Anyway, this one WON’T be retarded, and because it’s for my sister and I know her better than anyone, it will be fun and totally her style. I’ve had to ask around for ideas, though. I mean, a lot of traditional type people will be in attendance so it still needs to have some basic shower characteristics. I got some input regarding games, food normally served, and if it’s OK to cover the walls with old-timey photos of weird dogs or not.

(Answer: not really.)

I also don’t know if it’s cool to hang up photos from her secret previous wedding, when she was all into mythology and had a centaur obsession:

(It’s considered tacky to talk about past relationships at the bridal shower. It’s also tacky to even make MENTION of centaurs. That’s a touchy subject with a lot of people. Horse/human genitalia issues…)

A good friend got me to drop my plans to hold a rousing game of Let’s All Collect Dead Birds. Apparently, a lot of people don’t enjoy collecting dead birds as much as me and my sister do. OK, I can deal with that. Still, it would have been hilarious:

We’ve saving up the midget strippers for the actual wedding reception.

So, as you can see, I had a LOT to learn about bridal showers! Fortunately, learn I did.

And it will be lovely, I tell you. There will be no need for the flame-retardant clothing, and I know people are talking about the need for shots to innoculate against typhoid fever, but we are not inviting “Typhoid Mary” to this party, not after what happened last time. So no worries there.Ā 

However, there will be hot ham water. And loose badgers in the yard.


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  1. Hysterical! You’ve done it again Lisa. This time, I snorted while eating my green tea ice cream. Have fun this weekend. šŸ™‚

  2. So watery, and yet with a smack of ham! You’re going to have so much fun, past centaur fetishists be DAMNED. PIck up a dead bird for me, hear?

  3. I hope you’ll have some popcorn to sprinkle on the dead birds, otherwise it ain’t no thang.
    “Pooooor Biiiiiird…”
    I know we would love to have old-tymey dog photos to decorate with, but the more traditional usage is to have dogs in old-tymey clothes, walking upright serving drinks and smoking cigars. This is to symbolize all the other “dogs” the bride might have ended up with. I thought you knew.
    Looking forward to tomorrow!!!! It’s going to be awesome, thanks again for putting all this effort into it for me. You are the best Sisten.

  4. I don’t think it’s a party without some hot ham water. But maybe change the badgers to headgehogs. Badgers are so last season’s wedding fare.

  5. Trish- I read the last sentence you wrote as, “You are the best Satan” and I did a double take. haha I am so silly.

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