Third time’s a charm…?


Well, I’ve put an offer in on a house.

Again. This is the third one, and by now this story is just getting old, I know. But the really interesting thing about this third house is how much it feels like “my” house.

I found it by accident, too. I was just driving around the other side of my neighborhood, checking out a house that I’d found online and seemed nice. It was nice, and I knew I needed to tell my agent I wanted to go see it. I thought I’d drive around the streets in that area to get a feel for how safe it felt. Not only is this part of the neighborhood quiet and the majority of the houses are very well-kept (making it even better than the part of the neighborhood I am currently in), but there was this particular house.

I spotted the for sale sign and checked it out. A green house with green trim and a two car garage. It just looked cute. The homes on either side were nice, and as I sat there in my car at the curb, I got the coolest feeling about it. The whole thing just felt right. Of course I couldn’t see the inside from there, but when I got home I looked it up online and was pleasantly surprised at what I found.

The first line of the listing was, “Get in touch with your contemporary side.” Perfect! I happen to like the more contemporary style. It’s a three bedroom house with two baths, that two car garage, and a yard with a block fence and covered patio. The floors are all stained concrete, and the bathrooms had been completely remodeled with new tile, fixtures, sinks, lights, etc. It also mentioned something puzzling: “ceded glass wall inserts.” In the small photo online, this wall insert was visible but it just looked like a silver triangle on the wall:


It’s a window into the kitchen, actually. And it looks so neat in person!

This morning, this was the first house of four we looked at, and it was pretty clear it was the right house for me. That look above in that picture is kind of typical of the entire style of the house. The ceiling fans are all exactly the style I’ve been coveting in Lowe’s for years now, and the halogen light fixtures in the kitchen, bathroom and living room are my style, too. The eat-in kitchen is enormous, with a sliding door out to the covered patio and grassy yard. Unlike my yard, it’s thick, lush grass that’s been taken care of. There must be sprinklers in that grass somewhere…

There’s also a sliding door off the master bedroom out to the patio, along with a Hurley-sized dog door and walk-in closet. I could go on with the whole list of features I love, but the one I am most delighted about is the one thing I didn’t get a photo of: the kitchen has cabinets painted lime green.

My agent made a little face when she saw it, but I got excited. I’ve always loved bold, colorful and funky kitchens, and this one fit the bill. It needs a little updating down the road– it could use a new stove and dishwasher, as the ones in there are really worn out looking, and new countertops would be cool– but it’s going to work well for me. When I lived with NX, we painted the kitchen walls lime green with red accents, but it never looked quite right against the oak cabinets. But before I was with him, I’d bought a house with the writer ex, and THAT kitchen was pretty amazing. It had pretty blue painted cabinets with deep yellow and orange walls, saltillo tile countertops and under-cabinet lighting, with a wall in the middle of the kitchen that looked like steps leading up to the ceiling. I’ll have to try to track down a photo of it and scan in so it makes sense. I remember when we walked into that house–which also had concrete floors and funky touches like, ahem, lime green bathrooms and an orange laundry room with a french door out to the covered patio– and feeling the way I felt today about THIS house. The feeling is: “No one else is going to appreciate this house and the work that went into making it look like this but ME!”

I think it’s true, though. This isn’t a look for everyone, and that’s in my favor for sure! In fact, when my agent called and told the seller’s agent that we wanted to put an offer in, he said, “Oh, good! Someone who gets that style!” It’s priced low to reflect the non-traditional look of the place. I’m offering full price just so I can get this underway with as little haggling as possible. It’s still about $12K less than the first house; you know, the Psycho House. And yet it’s better in so many ways. I love it!

The only thing that blows is it is a short sale. So again, it’s in the hands of the banks. But I’m just thinking that there had to be a reason for the other two houses to not pan out… it was so I could get this one. And besides, how many more things can go haywire for me? It’s my turn now. I’ve been good! Oh please, Universe, let this one just go through so that I have a house to live in that’s all mine and I can move on with my life already. And let it be THIS particular house. That would be awesome, thank you.

Here’s a link to a virtual tour of the place. Of course I didn’t bring my own camera today. But if all goes well, I can go back in at some point soon. 🙂


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  1. Looks awesome Lisa… it TOTALLY fits your personality. I wish you luck on this one!!

  2. Interesting house. I am sure you’ll make it very cool. I love the layout and the cabinets are very funky. Good luck!

  3. See! This is why you didn’t get the other two houses. This house was meant for YOU! It sounds amazing and I am keeping my fingers crossed it all will come together. 🙂

    Going to check out the virtual tour right now…

  4. Thank you for the good wishes everyone; I appreciate it! Glad to see I’m not the only one who can appreciate lime green. 🙂

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