Bike hair


I thought I’d try something new this morning with my hair. I rode my bike to work, and rather than throw a baseball hat on and pray that my bangs wouldn’t look like total ass by the time I got to work, I gathered up my damp hair, scrunched in some curl-boosting gel, and piled it all into a lump at the back of my head that I secured with a clip. The idea was that as I rode, my hair would dry into the messy waves I’ve been cultivating lately, and my bangs would just fly freely and be integrated into the rest of my hair when I took out the clip and shook it out at work.

Well, it worked for about 20 minutes. After that, my hair has looked flat, almost greasy, and my bangs are a horrible, unmanageable mess today. And if my hair feels like a mess, the rest of me feels like a mess. And so, today is a messy day.

So it doesn’t look like I got the house I wanted to buy. The bank never even RESPONDED to my offer. That’s great. I found about 5 more homes I’m going to take a look at this weekend…making it the third time I’ve had to go out househunting, because I’m coming up on my third home to make an offer on…and at this rate, I should be on the fourth offer by this time next week…

I don’t know what is keeping me from wanting to make an offer on the house I am renting, but it’s just some gut feeling I have that I can’t fully explain. I really do like the house, that’s the weird part. But something is really pushing me to not buy it. Maybe my intuition knows something’s wrong with it. Like cracks in the foundation, bad plumbing, or an attic full of mummies, I don’t know. Could be anything like that.

(You’ll love this charming home in a quiet, family-oriented neighborhood near major freeways. Two bedrooms, one bath, remodeled kitchen, new paint, and a shitload of old mummies in the attic all make this one home you won’t want to pass up!)

So… I want to go with my gut and make sure there really are no other options out there for me before I “settle” for this house. I wish I had the extra money to just get a home inspection done right now on it, just to put my fears at ease. Anyway, blah blah blah, who cares. I’m tired of thinking about it.

Oh, yum. I am eating some Cadbury mini-eggs. Yesterday I got a bag of ’em, and I am savoring each crispy, delicious egg. This is probably my favorite chocolate. I like how milky it tastes. And I like the people who work there. I finally wrapped up my profile on how Cadbury sources its chocolate (ethically), so I think I felt like it was now OK to reward myself with a bag of these eggs. Plus, I can say first hand that it’s acceptable to support this company because you can be sure the chocolate is “good.” Meaning, no kids were forced into labor to harvest the beans, or anything along those lines.

Last night I went out with my sister unexpectedly, and I’m really glad I did. I didn’t have any plans other than to sit home and mope, and then watch Lost and mope some more when that was over. But instead I went to dinner and to the mall with her, and it was fun. We tried on shoes. And she had the woman in The Body Shop do some eye makeup tricks on her. She bought a really pretty pair of shoes for her wedding. They’re low, pink heels with rhinestones, and she found them on the clearance rank in Nordstroms. When she put them on, I was like, “Oh, you have to get those!!” because they looked so pretty. We decided that pale pink shoes under her wedding gown is going to look so flipping nice. Everyone does white or silver. Or sneakers.  (I did white Skechers, myself.) Pink is a cool choice. I tried on some very lovely heels and sandals myself but didn’t buy anything since I can’t afford the ones I liked, but it was fun to imagine what it could be like to wear grown-up-lady shoes that don’t rip my feet into shreds and tear tendons in my feet. (I did sprain or do something bad to a tendon in my arch after wearing a pair of heels all night at a wedding a few years ago, and I have been afraid of heels ever since.)

I bought some facial masks in The Body Shop, though. I really needed that. My skin’s not looking so hot these days. I love that store, too, and always seem to buy something if we wander in there.

So it was good to get out, do girl stuff, and laugh. I felt so much better after I got home (and watched the DVR’ed Lost episode, of course). Sure, I didn’t load the dishwasher for the third day in a row (I look at my sink right now and shudder) and I’ve yet to put away the clean quilt I’d air dried over the kitchen chairs, and the dogs didn’t get a walk last night. It doesn’t matter. 

I think I’d like to see a movie this weekend, but I don’t know what. Probably I Love You Man would be a top choice, because I love Paul Rudd’s movies. I’m not sure anything else interests me. That’s weird, because I thought it was just a few weeks ago when there were a lot of movies I’d consider seeing. Maybe I just changed my mind on some of them. I still haven’t seen Slumdog Millionnaire, and I wanted to for a few days after the Oscars, and now I’m back to indifference. Oh well. I do have the DVD for Penelope from Netflix at the moment, so that’s something.  

I should really just relax, sit back and write or something, read, go for walks and sleep when I can. To hell with moving pictures.

What’s everyone else got going on this weekend? I’m asking not because I care about your answers but because I want to steal your ideas. 😉


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  1. Return trip “back home” to pick up the left behind cat, all of my clothes, the other car… Little Sis & Nephew are also visiting the ‘rents, plus my Dog-nephew and Dog-niece, so it will be a fun time.

    I like the idea of pink shoes. I wish I had worn sneakers to my wedding. I just used some dyed white satin shoes I’d had to purchase for my sister’s wedding.

    I wore heels last Saturday, then flat sandals Sunday & Monday, heels again Wednesday… today is the first day my feet haven’t hurt. That’s how infrequently I wear anything other than gym shoes.

  2. So you’re going to be busy, too! I bet Leila will be happy to see you again. And the family will, too! Have fun. 🙂
    Yeah, the shoes she got are really pretty. I am not a heels girl at ALL, and hardly even see the pretty shoes when I got shoe shopping. I automatically go for the functional shoes, every time. (I really can’t wear heels higher than 2 1/2 inches or so because of my ruptured disk; I could wear them, but it would be a dumb move in the long run; just asking for trouble.) But I can honestly say that those pink shoes are made of fashion WIN in my book.
    Aren’t the dyeable shoes white to begin with? Did you have to dye (bleach?) them anyway? Hmm. My mind is boggled.

  3. True. I think when we bought them, we bought white & dyeable on purpose, in case anyone wanted to re-use the shoes for something else.

  4. Love the pink shoe idea! Wish I had done something fun like that. I wiore boring off white shoes that matched my dress.

    We tried to get three houses before building the one we live in now. It was horrible, so I feel your pain. But just think that once you get through all of this you will finally have the house that is right for you because obviously these houses were not right. So it may suck now, but it will be worth it. 🙂

    Glad you had a good time with your sister. That is so much better than sitting around and moping. 🙂

    This weekend I am working as normal but then will be going over to my boss’ house to watch my hubby deal his home poker game. I cheer everyone on and occupy myself by reading and playing Rock Band. Should be fun!

  5. Glad to hear now I can justify eating Cadbury mini-eggs since they do not abuse their workers and make good chocolate. Not that I really needed an excuse to love them any more… 🙂

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