Biting my nails and fidgeting


Wow, now I am freaked out a little. So the consensus is that I should have called the cops… I wish I had! I wish I’d been a little more in my right mind on Friday when it happened, because it does make sense the more I think about it and read your comments. So it isn’t too late to do it, then, ya think? And it would be OK to tell the police this, even if it didn’t happen directly to me? I mean, it was the house I was trying to buy and all, but you know what I’m talking about.

It hadn’t crossed my mind that the inspector could be lying or even exaggerating. That’s because he works closely with my real estate agent and has for years now; I couldn’t imagine he’d want to screw her out of a commission or damage the working relationship they have. She gave me his number and he told me his account of the whole thing on Friday, directly, and he even said that this had never happened before in all his years of doing home inspections, and I got the sense he was being very honest with me, and he did sound like he was just freaked out– maybe he expected ME to call the cops or something? I don’t know that he was thinking straight, either; he just kept saying he has a wife and kids and no job is worth his life, so he just got out of there as fast as he could and called my agent right away. Yuck. Either way, it’s a mess, and I am just so incredibly pissed off that it happened. Especially when I look at that house every single day as I drive in and out of my neighborhood and think how nice it could have been, had there been no psycho asshole ruining the whole thing. I bet there isn’t even a ghost. I bet he just said that to add to the drama and scare the inspector even more. The whole thing makes me want to get my own 9mm and find that freak bastard and shoot him myself. I’m only partly kidding, too. I’m just so mad right now. Dudes like that don’t need to live. They’re dangerous.

I’m just mad all over the place today. Chewing on my cuticles and can’t sit still. I don’t know what’s going to happen with buying anything anymore. I haven’t heard yet on the house I put an offer in on; not like I expected to. We gave the bank until today to respond, and I’m sure they are going to wait until 4:59pm to get back to my agent. Assholes. And then they’re probably going to counter that they want $20K more out of me or something. I hate this game. I want it to go back to the way it things go when you purchase normal real estate that isn’t owned by a bank or is slated for short sale. Wish I could find a NORMAL house!  I admit, I’m still looking. I found one. ONE. Not sure I can afford it, but maybe we can go in with a low offer or some crap like that. Whatever. I am this close to saying fuck it and moving into an apartment.

I’m a little worried about Olive. Yesterday I took her to the vet, where they looked at the rash and said it looked like a basic skin infection or irritation. But they wanted to check her anal glands anyway because that could be what was driving her nuts. While we were there, I asked them to feel a lump that I found on her arm (leg)pit a couple of weeks ago. I’ve had dogs with fatty deposits and cysts, so I wasn’t too worried about it. But it doesn’t hurt to check. The vet felt it and said it was “probably” a fatty tumor, but she really wanted to biopsy it to be sure. So they took Olive in the back, where the did express her anal glands (lovely!) and did the biopsy on the lump.

Anyway, the vet came back and said she looked at the cells from the biopsy and there were “definitely some suspicious looking cells there,” but she couldn’t be completely sure what it was. She said that the other vet on staff would be back on Thursday, and she’d have him look at it, and if he too felt it was anything other than maybe a little infection or something, they would want to send it out for pathology to test. Which would cost $149. I won’t know until tomorrow if it’s necessary or not… hope not. The vet did give me a list of projected costs for removing the lump–which she called a “mass”– and it will be between $550 and $750. And any radiation or extra medications would be on top of that.

Sheesh. Really? Damn it. Well, I am pretty positive it’s nothing to worry about, even though they said all of that. She’s very healthy in so many ways, and doesn’t seem sick other than the itching thing. Which we really think was caused by very impacted anal glands. Last night, she hardly licked or scratched at all. My theory is that the rash came from the carpet and the yard itself, when she would drag along to relieve the itching. It is pretty sensitive skin there, after all. If she’s still got the rash tomorrow when I hear from the vet, I’ll get her some cream and maybe antibiotics.

Like the cliche says, there’s never a dull moment.

And I am so tired of it right now. I just want to go away on vacation for a few weeks, alone. Maybe with the dogs. Maybe not, though. I could just use some no-thinking time to myself. Maybe get a massage to relieve all of this tension in my back and neck these days. Just lie on a beach and listen to the waves. I need to settle the hell down.

I can’t believe I have to focus and work now. Ugh. Last thing I feel like doing is getting things done. But you know what… it’ll be the best thing I can do right now, short of hopping on a plane to the Caribbean. I have to get involved in something, shut out the negativity and the worries, and rise above it. I can do it, and I will, now. Thank you, my blog, for being here so I could type it all out and vent. That’s why I have this.


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  1. Honestly, I really don’t think the story is made up. With all the squatters and crazed people being forced to leave their foreclosed homes right now, this type of thing is going to start happening, and more frequently. It sucks that the inspector didn’t call the police and that IS really stupid, but not wanting to get involved when you are so easily found (business owner) is kind of understandable too. Cowardly, but understandable.
    And I don’t think the inspector would want the house for himself. Wouldn’t that be a tad obvious if he moved in there, knowing you live so close by? Or at least knowing you’d be watching that house to see if anyone moves in now.
    No, getting out of the situation is probably the best thing and I am glad you are distancing yourself from it. I know Arizona’s foreclosure rates are hitting record numbers right now, and people when they get desperate are going to start doing and saying crazy things to “keep” their homes. It’s a sad situation but I don’t want my sister to become a casualty.
    I hope those people accept your offer. If not, maybe you can still look at that last house we tried to see on Saturday, that one seemed nice. Even though it got mom’s nod of disapproval, she might change her mind when she sees the interior! 🙂

  2. I don’t think it’s too late to file a report, have them take your statement and the inspector’s, etc… I mean, Naynay waited a few days before reporting the pet sitter flasher… Better safe than sorry. And, like you said, other women are looking at this property. They NEED to be in the know. Hell, the bank should HAVE to disclose this incident to anyone interested in the property from now on.

    I don’t know what to tell you re: possible tumors, but I do think Olive has had a good life and is lucky to have found you to spend whatever time she has left with. Whether you pursue treatment or not is your decision, but I’m all for just letting her enjoy her life from here on out, rather than putting her through a bunch of tests, meds, etc…

    As far as impacted anal glands, diet can help with those. As long as the dog’s food provides enough fiber to produce firm stools, said poo will drain the anal glands from the inside out every time Olive goes. You can add canned pumpkin to her diet or treats, or even feed it to her plain, and sweet potato also works.

  3. You and your sis would know better than any of us how the housing market is out in Arizona. We were just speculating based on that crazy story. It isn’t every day you hear something like that. But I would call the police regardless- someone has to do it. If that silly inspector didn’t do it, I guess it is up to you. I agree with Shades, people need to know about this so that psycho doesn’t show up to the house to hurt/scare anyone else.

  4. I agree with Shades, never too late to file a report. If they asked why you waited so long you can always say you thought the inspector would have filed something and then found out he did not. This is something the police need to be aware of, especially since someone else may be in the same situation as you with that house soon.

    Poor Olive! I am sure it is nothingtoo, but it still sucks to have to wait to find out. She’s just too chipper to have something wrong. 🙂

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