Some things are sacred.


Funny how the light of day can change things! A couple of you might have seen a very scary Photoshopped photo of Hurley that I posted last night. Well… I couldn’t take it! When I looked at it again this morning, it bothered me to see my sweet, fantastic, adorable and perfect dog looking so horrendously scary! Maybe if she’d done the project with another dog, like some random pit bull or something, it would be different. But I felt like a bad mother allowing his picture to be out on the internets this way! And I didn’t want to see it every time I looked at my blog today. So, I decided to delete it. (If you didn’t see it, trust me: you don’t want to.)

Anyway, moving on into a lovely Wednesday.

I’m hoping that this will be the day we finally open escrow. It was supposed to happen Monday. Nothing happened. Same thing yesterday. And now, today, here we are: coming up on a full two weeks since they accepted my counteroffer. But I am doing that thing where I convince myself that everything will be just fine, this is no big deal, it’s going to be a very happy day and it WILL happen today. Positive thinking!! Positive thinking!!

But yes, the sun is shining, the weather is beautiful, I rode my bike to work again (finally), and I do *not* have a headache today. So life isn’t too bad! Nope!

Plus, last night I got shoes for my sister’s wedding. They are adorable little double-strapped mary jane heels with the softest, most sneaker-ish insole ever. I love them very much. I will definitely be able to wear them all night. After that, we went to the Clinique counter because it was bonus gift time, and my sister wanted to get their moisturizer. She swears by this stuff. I wasn’t going to get anything, but then… I did. A long time ago, she gave me a little eyeshadow dual compact that I have been using ever since. It’s just about wiped clean. It’s my favorite. So I decided the time had come to replace it. I got a slightly different shade combination… and it’s called Strawberry Fudge, which is, I don’t know, the coolest name!… and a lipstick called Black Honey that is their best-selling item. I guess Oprah endorsed it on her Favorite Things feature a couple years back and now it’s just huge. I didn’t know any of this until last night. I do NOT buy expensive makeup. Or shoes. And somehow last night, I broke the cycle of cheapness and you know what? It feels pretty good!

Even though there is no new Lost tonight, I am happy. So what if I am faking it regarding the house situation? Faking it is better than nothing, right? Right, ladies? Wink.

UPDATE: My realtor left me a message saying that not only did we finally open escrow today, but she has already scheduled the home and termite inspections for this Friday! I’ll meet them at the house on my lunch hour and get the reports. I can’t begin to tell you how relieved I am that it’s moving along again. Whew. Maybe now I can relax a little and do a few things that require concentration… like write an article and work on one of my books. Or finish reading that damn City of Ember book that’s been collecting dust on my nightstand. Or… about a dozen other things! YAY!


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  1. Yay, the picture of Hurls is gone. Yeah, he is better off being cute and cuddly. I think the eyes is what did it for me. Speaking of cute and cuddly, I saw a sheltie the other day and man was she cute. She was the color of Lassie and she was loving Ruby. I told the lady about Hurley but I kind of lied and said I actually see him all of the time. Why I said that, I don’t know. Like she cares if I know him from a distance. Silly me!

    I never buy shoes EVER. I hate shoes. My wedding shoe situation was a fiasco too. I wound up wearing slipper. Ugh, if I could go bare foot like the Flintstones I would. If I do buy shoes, I sulk around the stores because nothing I like is there. If I was a high priced hooker and/or an Ugg wearing ninny, I would be in business but well, I am a normal person and they don’t seem to make shoes like that anymore.

    Makeup on the other hand, I love! My sister works for MAC and I get everything either free or 60% off and it rocks.

    I am glad you had fun shopping with T. It sounded like you had a great time.

  2. Wait, I wound up wearing SLIPPERS at my wedding- not slipper. That would be weird if I went out wearing ONE slipper. 🙂

  3. Yay on the house progress! Keep us posted.

    I looooove makeup counters! Actually, I think I just like “products” in general. Like hey, what can I waste money on today? But personally, I feel like if you find a lipstick that you love, you should stick with it, no matter what the cost. That’s how I feel about Dior lipgloss #255–you will pry that out of my cold, dead hands.

    Don’t get me started on shoes 🙂

    I loved that pic of Hurley! I like any weirdly photoshopped photos.

  4. I had some other stuff to say, but then my brain got derailed because OMG I’m so jealous of naynay’s makeup discount. I’m not really a girly girl but I LOVE me some Clinique. And I’ve worn their Black Honey lipstick for years; I didn’t even realize it was all popular. Am a total trendsetter: I’m the one who told Oprah about it, did you know?

  5. I would actually wear makeup if I could get it for 60% off.

    I am reading this post a few days late and am sad because knowing what happened at the house and how you are not getting it. Because you sound so excited and happy here. But dud, you toally did the right thing pulling out since you couldn’t live there safely or comfortably. It just sucks.

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