Yes, I am pre-occupied. Just a little.


As of right this second, no one has responded to my neighborhood signs or the ad on Craigslit regarding the sweet lab ladies hanging out in my kitchen. This makes me so sad. How could someone NOT be driving all over the place, frantically trying to find their dogs? I don’t get it. I’m starting to fear it’s another Olive-type situation. I strongly suspect someone purposely drove Olive into our neighborhood and dumped her near that canal. She’s just not a wandering type of dog at all. If she got out of her yard, she wouldn’t go far. Now, as I tell people at work about the labs, two people now have wondered if they, too, were dumped off because no one wanted them (or could afford them) anymore.

I hope not.

I really have my fingers crossed that I get a call any moment now. I don’t want to have them there all weekend! But I will do it, if no one calls. I’m not taking them to the pound. I am going to make a call to the vet to see if they have a scanner there, and maybe I can bring them over to see if they are microchipped. That would be excellent if they were!

The dogs were perfectly fine all night out in the kitchen. Didn’t touch or disturb anything, and no accidents. This morning, all four dogs were out in the yard together and it was pretty uneventful. Olive is a little huffy about having two more GIRLS in her house, and will make growly noises to keep the labs away, but Hurley’s another story. He thinks this is great. He brought ALL of his toys outside to the yard this morning, one by one. Then he ran around the labs like, “Look at me! Look at me!” And then one of the labs, the younger one, took him up on his invitation to play and they played the entire time I was eating my breakfast. Chasing, wrestling, mouthing, you name it. It was cool. I’m glad he’s at least having fun with this. Because Olive and I are both like, “Man… this isn’t an ideal situation, now is it?”

I’m at work now, worrying about all of them. I can’t wait to get home!

The house update is: the closing date has been pushed back to April 14. Or sooner. I hope sooner! I am working out a deal with the deadbeat landlord to stay in the house until then, and still remain on the legal-obligations up-and-up by paying rent to the correct parties. I have my fingers crossed this will all work out fine and I don’t wind up with someone stealing my deposit money. Because that’s exactly what I think the deadbeat will do once he gets his hands on that check. So I have a plan to put a stop-payment on that check the day before he is due to get it back.

This weekend there is a 3 day sale at the Sears Appliance outlet in town, with a bunch of items being half off. With 12 months no interest if you put it on your Sears card. I have a Sears card with a zero balance; I was hoping to go to the sale and get a fridge, washer and dryer and then hopefully time the delivery so I’d get it right when I am moving into the new place. Now that I won’t be moving until April, though, I wonder if it could still work. I will need to find out how far out I can request delivery, if the outlet even does delivery. Otherwise, I am trying to weigh the merits of having the new stuff delivered to where I am now, and just leave them in the boxes for the movers to take. The problem is not knowing where the hell I could store three huge appliances. Again, my house is tiny. Maybe I could put them on the patio with a tarp over the boxes? Or clear stuff out of the second bedroom and shove them in there?

My brain is swimming with everything OTHER than work today. I hate this. Luckily I am not really behind on any projects, and the one that I am behind on I still need the cooperation of one more person before I can do anything else, anyway. But still, it blows to be so damned pre-occupied and distracted while at work.

Hope your Fridays are a little more calm than this one. And that no big ol’ dogs come lumbering home behind you today. It might be cute, but it’s also a big hassle.


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  1. Oh yeah, did that this morning. And I have been searching the “lost” ads all day and night! I’m determined to get these dogs out of here. I will *not* have 4 dogs. I will *not* have 4 dogs… repeat as necessary. 🙂
    (Because they are very, very cool dogs and Hurley is having a blast. BUT NO! I really mean it, I don’t intend to keep them at all. I mean that!)

    I also contacted the labrador rescue group to ask for suggestions. It might make the most sense to take them to animal control and let the rescue group know they’re there, and they can pull them out after the 72 hour hold period. They have done that sort of thing in the past, apparently. And that 72 hours also gives the owners a chance to find them, too…

    It’s seriously weird though, that no one has contacted me yet. I have the ads up on Craigslist, Pets911 and the major newspaper here, and tons of signs around the neighborhood in about a mile radius (I hung up a stack of them right after work today). Surely someone would be missing them, right? Sigh. So, so sad.

  2. Also: I did go to the Sears sale and I got some incredible deals on a stainless fridge and a high efficiency washer and dryer… the fridge and dryer were 1/2 off, and the washer ended up being 65% off! They are ding-and-dents, but the cosmetic damage is laughable, really. Some scuffs on the top of the dryer, a broken piece of plastic on top of the fridge that they’re going to replace anyway… so damn cool. I’m glad I went ahead and did this. At least one thing feels like it’s going right!

  3. Woo-hoo! Good deals on the sale AND the dogs! 😉

    I keep thinking there’s another site besides Pets911, but I can’t remember what it is…

  4. FOUND the owners!!!! They spotted one of my signs this morning. Turns out they live south of me, and I posted most of my signs to the North and west, since that’s where it seemed most likely they came from. But– YAY! Happy ending!! Their dad is coming to pick them up this afternoon. 🙂 🙂

    Their names are Hadley and Scotch. They’re a mother and daughter. They slipped out of an open gate, and after this they are ‘definitely getting microchipped’ and a padlock’s going on the gate. Their Mom sounded frantic. And grateful. 🙂

  5. Oh, I’m SO glad this story has a happy ending. I was starting to worry that they’d been dumped. The deals you got on your appliances sound AWESOME. I love sales.

  6. Damn. I truly hope they do get collars. I did say it as the guy was leaving with them, “well, if they had ID I could have gotten them to you faster,” and he got all weird and guilty-looking… They know. I just really do hope this scared them into being smarter.

  7. Phew, the dog’s owner’s have been found! Glad to hear it. I guess sometimes people have to be scared to do the right thing. Humans are so dumb sometimes.

    Congrats on the new appliances. That is great news.

    My mind has been elsewhere also. But I can’t talk about it now. Although, Lisa you kinda sorta know what’s been on my mind since last summer. It’s happening again…….

  8. Yay for finding the doggie owners! I could totally see you suddenly finding a way to keep four doggies. 🙂 Maybe Hurley can go over and visit and play since he liked them so much.

    And double yay for awesome appliances. They sound perfect. And what about the delivery issue? Will they hold them until you get into your new place?

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