FOUR dogs


Right now, two giant yellow labs are sleeping in my kitchen!

When Hurley, Olive and I were out for a night walk, we saw two yellow dogs running loose in the road ahead of us. They darted in front of cars twice. I got that sick feeling in my stomach, like I was about to see something I didn’t want to see…but I needed to stay calm, not alert my dogs to get them all worked up…

I called to the dogs when we got close enough, and they ended up running over to greet us. Oddly, this was a case where the retractable leads came in handy, because I could tell right away that these were friendly dogs. I let Olive and Hurley out to keep the two dogs from running off too far, because I couldn’t grab them: NO COLLARS. Luckily, my dogs were greeting them and Hurley was even getting playful there on the dark street!

I had no choice but to attempt to get them to follow us home. I kept talking to them, petting them, and then we moved a little down the street. Little by little, we made it to my street. Then we walked faster, because the two dogs were definitely following with us now. So we got back to the house, and I managed to get all of the dogs into the backyard. They just ran in!

Boy, was THAT lucky! I’ve never had such success with collarless dogs before, let alone TWO at once. I felt so much better once they were safe in the yard and couldn’t get out to the road again. I ran into the office, grabbed paper and markers and made a few FOUND signs to hang around the neighborhood. I then drove out, put the signs up right away, and now I am praying their owner(s) call(s) me soon. I’m stressing about what I’ll do with them while I’m at work tomorrow. I’ll see how they do in the kitchen while we sleep, I guess. Wish I had a garage right about now!!

I ended up letting them in the house because they are so big, I am afraid they could knock through the crappy fence out back and escape. They’re behind the baby gate, in the hurriedly dog-proofed kitchen now, sleeping. Thank God. My two are in here, a little shaken but also falling asleep. I’m so thankful these two dogs seem to be house-dogs (oh, and they are both female), since they are well-behaved. And they know sit and stay. That helps.

Soooo…now I wait. I can’t wait too long, though. I can’t have two really big yellow labs in this tiny house with the three of us for very long at all. I posted on Craigslist, too… someone’s got to call with a description.

UGH. Never a dull moment, I swear to God.

And what the hell?! No collars?!! There’s no excuse for that crap. I mean, damn it anyway! These are two innocent animals that through no fault of their own could have been KILLED tonight. And now I can’t even find their owners. It makes me so angry I could kick the wall. I won’t though. The dogs will all wake up.

Oh, and the laptop saga continues. They are sending me a box so I can mail the whole thing back. They have to replace the system, or something… I can keep the hard drive so that’s good. I didn’t want to be sending out all my stuff. With any luck I can get it back in about 10 business days. I’m pissed, but glad they will do this and it won’t cost me anything.

And I still have this damn sinus headache crap. Tomorrow really needs to be better. It will be, I know it… it’s just, DAMN. 🙂 Know what I’m sayin’?


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  1. Well … at least it’s Friday? I’m so glad you were able to rescue those poor dogs. They’re really lucky someone like you came along. From the way you describe them, they seem to be well cared for, but I can’t imagine why they were running around in the street with no ID tags. Hope you find their people soon.

  2. Yeah, I am so ready for the weekend. Although if these dogs are with me all weekend, that could get kinda interesting. Eeep.

    I was thinking about how lucky those dogs are, too! Not to sound all full of myself, but shoot. Their owner…whoever it is… should be very grateful it happened the way it did. If I were a dog, I’d want me to find me.

    Wow, that sentence somehow makes me think of Lost again. Like, if I got caught in a temporal shift, but it went between actual worlds in addition to time; I could theoretically find a version of me that is a dog…

  3. We saw a dog roaming the other day in Little Silver. When I got out of the car, he/she ran away. I am hoping the dog found its way back home. But that dog was also on a main road and it scared the daylights out of me. Great Scott! 🙂

    Well you are definitely going to heaven with all of the good things you do for dawgies. Are you going to put a “found” sign in the neighborhood? Because, you know, you don’t already have 100 other things to do this weekend!

  4. I hope this isn’t the start of the “lost our home, can’t keep our pets anymore” dumping trend in your neighborhood.

  5. Shades- People are so effing ignorant. I *think* there’s a place called a SHELTER for homeless pets. But that is just be being, ya know, responsible. What do I know?

  6. The leaving pets behind when people lose their homes trick has been happening in Vegas alot lately. We just did a story about it. Makes my heart ache that someone would just set a dog or cat loose rather than take the time to bring it to a shelter. Stupid.

    You are turning into a real doggie hotel, aren’t you! But I would have sone the same thing. What a great big heart you have! 🙂

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