Photo Saturday


Before I share a couple of pictures of the interior of the house, here’s one I took today that I particularly like. This is a silk orchid my sister decorated with tiny crystals, in her hair in the general style she might do for her wedding. She’s also wearing the wedding dress, but we can’t show more than this at the moment! Still, it all looked so pretty and I’m very psyched for her wedding.


We all had a nice day… we went to see my house in the morning, and then Mom, my sis and had lunch at Joe’s BBQ, which is a fantastic little restaurant in historic Gilbert with awesome food! I haven’t had good BBQ in such a long time. Mmm.

After that, I went to Target for a little bit of browsing for the new house, and to pick up a purse I’ve had my eye on for about a month or so now. I got paid yesterday and could finally go buy it. (Yeah, it was only $30 but I’m never excited to buy things like purses or shoes. I end up buying something very cheap and I use/ wear it almost every day until it falls apart. So buying a purse for $30 was kind of a challenge for me.)

Then, I finally went to the T-Mobile store. I’ve been meaning to do it for months now, since Verizon was hosing me every single month and I was sick of not being able to text or send pictures as much as I’d like. Plus I desperately needed a new phone. My old one was hanging on by just a couple of worn hinges… it even has toothmarks from when Indy got it one time and gnawed on the antenna. I’ve hidden it from view when I’ve been around people with fancy phones and Blackberries. I had phone shame.

It wasn’t as bad as I imagined. I was in and out relatively quickly, with a plan that costs about half of what I had been paying every month, with so many more options to make a better use of the money I will be spending. The cell is my only phone, so I need to be careful. Plus the reception is FINALLY great! I’m no longer in a dead zone when I use my phone in the house. I bet I can even — GASP! — walk around my house as I use this new phone, and not have the call lost. It’s been a little ridiculous that I could only talk in one of the two bedrooms or on the back patio, and even that was spotty. What is this, the olden days when the phone was stuck on the kitchen wall with a short cord to the receiver? Pshaw.

I got a simple little Samsung phone, free after rebate. I almost got a fancy Nokia one for about $50, but when it came down to it, the Samsung seemed nicer, more streamlined and smaller. I still need a phone that fits in my pocket; and I needed a flip phone since I don’t trust that I won’t accidentally dial people with one of those other ones. I’m veyr happy with the new little phone!

Then tonight, we went to get B’s bridesmaid dress so now we both have our dresses for the wedding. Back at my house, we each tried them on with the jewelry my sister made for both of us; everything looks very pretty! Then my sister tried on her dress and that was a cool moment. I hadn’t seen her in it yet, and she picked a simple, pretty A-line dress without any embellishment and it looks great. Just a few alterations here and there and it’s going to be perfect. It’s neat to see her in her wedding gown!

Now I have to go to bed. The only downfall of today was I talked pretty much all frickin’ day long. My throat is dry and scratchy. But it’s nice to have a good day. So it’s worth it.

Here are some shots of the inside of the house!

This is the room I’ll be using as my living room, with the TV and couch. It’s giant. Through the doorway is the “other” living room. Check out the new paint and carpeting!


The second bathroom:


The kitchen/ dining room area… I still need to get a refrigerator and microwave, but it’s definitely functional and ready to move in!


The master bedroom, with a little bit of the bathroom vanity peeking in the frame:


The backyard (I plan to gravel this over and do some cool desert landscaping, and maybe even a couple of gardens if I feel ambitious enough!):


Me in the kitchen, measuring the windows. I took measurements of everything so I can plan down to the dollar what I need to spend to get it finished. (Blinds and window coverings are an immediate necessity!)


And, finally… my real estate agent Pamela’s two labs. They’re HUGE. And super sweet! They got to come along for the ride today. 🙂


So it’s looking good so far! My mom and sister loved the house and gave it their blessing. Whew. If they hated it, I’d have been screwed. But yeah… with a little work outside and on the windows, it’s going to be great. I am such a lucky lady sometimes; don’t think I don’t know it and say my prayers in thanks every day. 🙂


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  1. *sniff, sniff* It reminds me of MY house…

    Love it! So happy for you!

    I also love that your sister has made all of the jewelry for the wedding for all of you! How fabulous!

    Way to go, saving money on the cell phone! Oh, and I never used to spend more than $10 on a purse, and, like you, use it until it fell apart. I got my really cool lime green faux croc purse on sale once, for $25, and I’ve been using it for almost 10 years now. Didn’t even realize it was a fancy “brand name” purse at the time. Get compliments on it from envious people every where I go. Have been eyeing it in brown on EBay ever since, ‘cuz I’d love to have another one!

  2. Hey lisa!

    Man, this looks fantastic… you really got a great deal. The kitchen looks great and totally remodeled. Congrats… I’m sure you’ll love it.

  3. Those pictures are great! It looks like an amazing house and so big! 🙂 I love the colors in the kitchen too. You are going to have so much fun decorating.

    And the back yard is big! I guess watering and mowing would be an issue so I understand the desert landscaping. Will the puppies be okay with that?

    I am so excited for you. And about the wedding too! Those hair accessories are beautiful. Things are definitely on the up for you now after a long tough week. 🙂

  4. Shades- Aww, thanks. The jewelry she made is very pretty too, and she even bought us both these cute silver bracelets from American Eagle that go great with the whole look. I have to get shoes yet… wonder if I can find me some $10 specials at Payless? 🙂 Kidding: I might actually spend a little money to get something that won’t shred my feet and kill my back by the end of the night. Also, I am glad to know I am not the only thrifty purse-shopper! I have two purses that are 10 years old, too!

    Vegas Princess- Thanks! I am very excited to decorate and make this place my own. I can’t stop thinking about color schemes and stuff… it’s gonna be fun. As for the gravel, yeah…they’ll be OK with gravel. I think Hurley actually prefers it as when we go for a walk he almost always prefers to poop on gravel. Hee hee. And Olive is just very easy, overall. I’m just excited to not have mud when it rains, and fewer ticks and bugs coming in on the dogs. TEXTING: I got 400 texts/photos a month. So go easy! 🙂

    Pixie- Yeah, it’s pretty cool. I guess. 😉 Now I am just hoping that everything comes together on time so we can close on the 24th and I can move in on the 25th as planned. I can’t believe this all coming together like this!! Wheeee!

  5. I was wondering if you got the house fo’ sho’ yet and YAY you did. Congratulations. It looks so nice. You did good, L… ya really did!

    Trish makes ozz-um jewelry and I know first hand. I can’t wait to see it. I am still trying to book an effin’ flight for the wedding but theys expensive, yo.

    And believe it or not, Payless has pretty decent shoes for weddings that you can die or keep white and they are worth it to wear for one day.

  6. Oops, I just wrote T’s name. Crap… sorry. I always try to remember this is a SHHH blog. 😦

  7. Your place looks great, and you haven’t even got your stuff in there yet. Everything looks so shiny and new!

    You gotta give me your phone number so we can text each other. I just got a new phone and plan too so I am all about the texting now. 🙂

  8. Everybody laughs at me because I always kick my shoes off after the ceremony is over, and walk around barefoot for the rest of the day/night. I hate going barefoot, but once my shoes start hurting me, you will see me dressed in a formal, sans shoes.

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