Admire it. Then, hit it.


Last night I rear-ended a little black Prius.

I didn’t mean to, of course. In fact, as we were driving down the freeway near one another, I was thinking how cute a car it was. It was black, and for whatever reason I don’t see a lot of black Prius(i? es?) on the road. So I was checking it out, admiring its glossy sheen in the light of the setting sun. Thinking that if I ever bought a Prius myself, I’d want a black one.

Then I exited the freeway. As I was sitting behind the cute little Prius, waiting to make a right turn onto the street, I happened to glance in my rearview mirror to see a white pickup truck coming down the ramp behind me pretty damn fast. I glanced to the left, to see if the coast was clear for me to move up a little or even pull out before the truck got any closer, and I let up off the brake. And that’s when I slammed into the Prius.

Slammed is kind of harsh… it was more like I bumped her. Even so, her car bumper bent inward where we’d made contact, and what looked like a tear in the bumper-material was evident. Man, that bumper was THIN! Like a piece of cardboard with a black candy shell over it. My car, on the other hand, bore no evidence of anything. No scratch, no anything. Whew.

The Prius pulled out into the road when it could, and then pulled over on the side of the road under the overpass. I pulled up behind her. The white truck that technically caused the whole thing, with its speeding towards me? Just passed us and drove away. Asshole.

The weird thing was how CALM I felt. I cursed, of course, and felt like the biggest moron ever. I was at fault here, clearly. I hit her. I’ve never done that before, really. [One time I bumped into the bumper of a van that stopped short right in front of me as we were going through a light, but that was the other driver’s fault and I was only 18 at the time- a brand new driver, practically. And another time in NJ, a car just turned right into my car as I drove past in the next lane. Again, not my fault.] So to be the one who CAUSED an accident… well, that just blows all kinds of balls.

I pulled over, put the hazards on, and got my notebook and insurance card out and copied down all my information along with my phone number and everything. I saw the other driver was doing something inside her car, too…gathering all her paperwork. She got out, and she was an older woman about my Mom’s age, and she looked at her bumper and threw her hands up like, “Great. I can’t believe this.” She looked like she was going to cry.

I got out and apologized in my most sincere voice. Not hard to do, because I was sincerely sorry. I explained what happened, and asked her if she was hurt or anything. She said no, that she was just startled. I handed her my information and with shaking hands, she handed me her insurance card. I copied down all the information and said, “Thank you for not screaming at me. I know this is awful, and I just appreciate that we are handling this like rational people.” She smiled at that and then told me that she feels her car is bad luck. Since she got it, she has been rear-ended a total of THREE times. (Me being the third time.) Wow. Talk about bad luck. I felt very bad for her. I wished I could do something for her, mostly because she seemed like such a nice woman and I had done something to her. I’m definitely not used to hurting anyone, or their cars, to say the least. What a shitty feeling.

Anyway, we got back in our cars after about 5 minutes, and drove away. I was still incredibly calm. I think it’s so weird that I wasn’t freaking out at all, or crying, or anything. I just had a thought in my head like, “Accidents happen; no one was hurt, and getting upset isn’t going to change anything, anyway, etc…” My main concern was, of course, financial. Would this make my rates go up? Now that my spotless driving record was blemished, how bad would it be? Would there be any grace bestowed upon me BECAUSE I have been such a safe driver for so many years? Hmm. I sure hope so. As of right now, my insurance agent STILL hasn’t returned my call so I don’t know. I have my fingers crossed.

At least the night got a hell of a lot better after that!

I met up with my friend Mandy, who I haven’t seen in about four years. I did theater with her for a long time, and then when I got together with NX, I more or less phased out that entire group of friends. He didn’t really like the theater thing, and because my other ex happened to run the main company that me and my friends were affiliated with, that made it extra-verboten. NX couldn’t fathom how I could tolerate ever being in the presence of my other ex at ALL, and acted like I was still attracted to my other ex or something like that. Which was hilarious for about 100 different reasons. [By the time I got together with NX, the other ex was ancient history and I saw him only as a distant friend- all feelings faded when I saw who/what he hooked up with after me, but that’s a whole other story for another day.] We did still stay in touch, I guess, if you count using one another as professional references for jobs. Or the occasional writing-related e-mail (he was also writing a couple of novels and still is). Big deal. I still talk to a couple of my other exes, too. I don’t hold grudges.

Anyway, I am getting sidetracked here. My point is, I finally got to see Mandy again, no strings or weirdness or guilt attached. It was so great! She looked and sounded fantastic, and was so genuine and not at all phony. What I mean is, when she pulled up in her car, and I saw her, she waved and began talking as she got out of the car, like we had just seen each other earlier in the day or something. No loud, “OMG! How ARE you?!! You look AMAZING!” or anything like that. Nope. She’s a cool chick. I like that and respect that about her. I hate the whole squealy-girl thing.

She was recently divorced, too, so we had lots to talk about. We had dinner and talked for about three hours before we finally left. I hope to see her again very soon and pick up on this friendship again, where we left off. It was just a very cool feeling to reconnect with someone like her. Especially now, that we have both had a ton of life experiences since last hanging out.

Well, that was my night.

I am quite the Little Sally McExcitement!

Here are some random photos from the PetWalk last weekend, for your enjoyment:





Ha! All this PetWalk nonsense is all fine and good, but let me tell you something: In Soviet Russia, we no have fancy Pet-Walks. In Soviet Russia, we have Pet Sits-and-Glares!



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  1. That accident may cause your insurance to go up because you did hit her. Since your driving record is clean otherwise, it shouldn’t be so bad. Good luck with that. I am sorry that had to happen. It’s too bad you didn’t get that white truck’s information so you could’ve reported him.

    Also, that last picture is cracking me up. SO FUNNY. Hurley looks like he’s smiling. Ha ha

  2. Maybe Lousy Luck Prius Lady wants to meet Olive?

    Maybe you don’t want a Prius now that you’ve seen how easily they fold.

    I remember when my Mustang got banged up in Indy when an idiot pulled out in front of me on a wet road when I had the right-of-way and my light was green… and then mere months later some people visiting my parents across-the-street neighbors backed into my driver’s side door… yeah. good times.

    My insurance co. never did any kind of “grace” or “forgiveness” for me, and I have been a customer of theirs for 14 YEARS! and I flip them off every time I see their t.v. commercials advertising such “benefits”.

    Black cars are hard to keep clean. Ask any friend of mine who knew me back when I had a black Dodge Ram truck. I gave up washing it. They never stopped yelling at me about that.

  3. I love the last pic. And the one of you with both doggies smiling at the walk! And the one of the tiny pup on the suitcase. Okay I love them all! 🙂

    I have to laugh a bit (after I realized you are okay and everythnig. When I saw your thing on FB and had to text to make sure you were okay) because I did the EXACT SAME THING. Stuck in traffic and seeing this bozo flying up fast behind me and worrying about being rearended so I eased right into the car in front of me. Unfortunately my car was so low it went right under hers and caused mucho damage. And then the cop has the audacity to inform me I should not worry about those behind me but only those in front of me. Uh, really? I never knew that. Because if that guy had rear-ended me I probably would have hit the lady in front of me any way.

    Glad the woman was okay about everything. Although you should have warned her that her spiffy cool car is the one causing the accidents. I thnk the other two people who hit her were admiring it just like you! 🙂

  4. Oh LORD. Those dogs with little Russian-lady-go-marketing scarves on their heads are killing me. Like, dead. Both with the cuteness and the hilariousness.

    Sorry about the car accident. (Thank goodness nobody was hurt!) Although I have to say the title of this post makes me laugh, because it sounds like some skeevy guy’s plan for meeting chicks in a club. No, seriously. Think about it.

  5. Naynay- So far, so good. I talked to my insurance agent on Friday and Prius Lady hasn’t filed a claim yet. Maybe she won’t… it could be she is still waiting for another claim to go through to fix the damage from one of those other rear-ending accidents she mentioned; who knows? I can hope, anyway. Also, my rates might not go up too much in this case. I have my fingers crossed.

    Shades- Hmm, Olive. That’s another post for another day, methinks. Why? Well, as usual, I am leaning towards just keeping her again and haven’t been actively searching for a home for her this past week. Sigh. I don’t know. Anyway, yes, black cars are always dusty looking, aren’t they? But damned if they don’t look really great when they are clean. Plus my friend RaeAnn got a black car a few months ago and that thing is purty. They say not to get a black car in AZ, but I read a study that said a black car is only one degree warmer than any other color, so I’m still keeping it on the back burner for my next car. In 10 years. 🙂

    VP: Thanks! Actually, that’s my sister in the photo with the two dogs. But we get that a lot since we look similar sometimes. 🙂 And YAY for smart girls who rear-end people when they are being cautious about what’s going on behind them! Great minds think and react alike. (PS: I am glad you’re back to blogging after the hiatus! Love ya!)

    Fraulein: I was in such a goofy mood that day. And they DID look awesome in their little headscarves. I couldn’t stop laughing when we were taking those pictures! It doesn’t take much to entertain me!

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