Weirdness and cookies


Just a quick post so I can get this off my mind and move on to other things until I hear more: my sister is at the ComiCon tonight here in town, with her fiance. He’s got a movie in the film festival portion of the Con. Anyway, there they are at the screening and who’s there but NX.

She sent me a text, very brief, just saying he was there and “what the fuck?” I texted back that she has to call me later and tell me about it.

I’m nervous though. Did he see her? Clearly, if he sits through the films, he’s going to see future bro-in-law’s film… not only did FBIL direct and write it, he stars in it, too. NX never liked FBIL all that much for very stupid reasons; very mean reasons, actually. I can’t imagine a scenario in which NX wouldn’t get all weird by sitting through FBIL’s movie. And if he’s watching it, he will likely see FBIL there, and then, likely, my sister sitting next to him.

I wonder if they’ll speak.

This is just very strange, but something like this is bound to happen from time to time. We do all still live in the same 15 mile radius or so. And we do have some overlapping interests. (I think he went to the Con because the artist for 30 Days of Night and the woman who painted the new Buffy comics covers were going to be there.) I do dread the day I see him at random when I am out someplace. I have no idea how it will go, how it will feel. Ugh.

So, now I am just going to wait and see what happened. In the meantime, I am watching the new Lost episode again since ABC’s rerunning it tonight. I just made chocolate chip cookies from scratch. You know how I always make crappy cookies? Tonight, I finally succeeded and they are all puffy and golden and tasty… YAY! Sure enough, cooling the dough off before baking really does make the difference. That, and an extra little splash of vanilla.

It’s a very nice night outside. I’ll have to take Hurley for a walk later; Olive will likely come, too, since it’s next to impossible to get Hurley out the door alone when I do try to do it.

Today, the mother of one of my friends came over to meet Olive. I was nervous about it most of the day. I even got a little emotional about the prospect of her leaving, for real. But then this woman and her husband didn’t want to adopt her. They were concerned she was too big and needed a yard with grass. And that she would shed a lot. Personally, I don’t think those are the reasons why– if I think back objectively to how it went while they were here, Olive was way too preoccupied with her rawhide bone and not interacting enough with the people. Also, when Hurley walked past him she growled twice and they asked me about that. I tried to downplay it, but I knew right then that it wasn’t going to happen. Too bad. They are such nice people and I could have checked in on her when I wanted to. Well, the lesson I learned here is to make sure all rawhides and bones are AWAY when someone is coming to meet her. If I’d done that, it might have gone better. Then again- maybe it was true about the yard and the shedding concern. Who knows. Oh well.

Tomorrow is the PetWalk, which should be fun. My sister’s walking with me and Hurley, and since Olive is still here, we will probably bring her along too. That way each of us has a dog to walk. Hurley LOVES my sister so much. It’s so cute. She comes over and he leaps in the air about 8 times in a row as she comes in the door, jumping on her and smiling this huge smile. So maybe tomorrow I will let her walk Hurley for most of the walk. I get him every day. 🙂

I’m gon’ go eat me some cookies now. Nom nom. The sweet taste of success. In my belly. Woot!


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  1. Thanks for letting me walk my favorite baby dog, Hurley, at the Charity Walk!! Olive did great too, when she stopped being so terrified of all the ruckus going down around us. Make sure you post some pictures of Hurley in the shirt I bought him. He looks so adorable, even if it DOES make is butt look big. 🙂

  2. Oh, and that last comment up there was actually my sister. Not me, talking to myself. She was on my computer here, ya see, and well… I had already been logged in as me, and one thing led to another and next thing ya know BAM we have a comment like that. Wooooo.
    Shit. It is 1:14 in the fucking MORNING. Good NIGHT. -icanhasdiary, for reals

  3. I never get through the actual baking proces sof the cookies because I love the dough too much. 🙂

    I am interested to see what happened with NX at the convention. Will be interetsing to see if there was any interaction.

    The walk sounds like such fun! They have stuff like that here all the time and it is the only time I wish I had a dog so I could participate.

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