Things that made me cry today


1)  The wide shots of the crowd in Washington, D.C. this morning

2) The actual Inauguration moment

3) Watching the Obamas dance tonight as the First Couple as Beyonce sang a beautiful rendition of “At Last” (who knew that Beyonce of all people would get me teared up?)

4) The strange, insidious way that the show House has crept on me and now I can’t change the channel if it’s on… how the hell did THAT happen? I thought I was “above” this show somehow; that I’d spend time watching just Tim & Eric reruns and DVDs and similar flim-flammery.  (I only cried on the inside for this one, by the way.)

5) The way Olive stared up at me at the vet’s office today, smiling and wagging her tail as we learned she is healthy and happy… I was relieved her breathing problem is a simple case of kennel cough and not something more serious.

6) Nothing else. What do you think I do, sit around and cry all day?!


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  1. House gets you hooked. Although eventually you get tired of seeing the reruns. That’s where I’m at now. Give it a few months, you’re be running from the television when you hear the theme song.

    Cosign 1-3. Yay! on 5.

  2. It’s true, the first time you see a House episode, it sucks you in. But by the time you see it again, you remember that it’s never lupus anyway and that the guy just accidentally swallowed a toothpick two weeks ago and somehow never noticed. And the thrill is gone.

    Also, Beyonce totally got to me, too. It was so weird, I normally can’t stand her. I think yesterday was an emotional day and to see how many people were moved by it was really touching.

  3. I can already see your point. Last night I half-watched about three episodes, and that combined with what I saw last week or whenever it was that I started watching it made me realize that the formula for each episode rarely changes, does it? Even though it’s been a little addictive, I know it isn’t going to last because I felt like I could predict what was going to happen at certain points in the episode. Here’s the basic formula, as I see it:

    A. Show future victim doing something/ segue into them getting violently ill
    B. Credits
    C. Let’s all talk about this problem, we get our first looks at how sick the patient is
    D. House gets cranky; someone on staff seems annoyed either at him or some other situation like they slept with each other and regret it now or whatever
    E. Patient seems to be responding to initial treatment, but then suddenly gets violently ill AGAIN as the doctors are right there in the room
    F. Back to the whiteboard consulting
    G. Patient’s family gets pissed off/ may physically attack House
    H. Team comes to a possible treatment or diagnosis… they set patient up for surgery…
    I. House bursts in and tells them to stop because it’s some random thing he figured out because of the way the patient tied his shoelaces or something
    J. More general anger, but they eventually cave and do what he says
    K. Patient improves. House saves the day again.
    L. Show closes with House looking pensive.

    So, am I right? Is this how they all go? 🙂 Because if so, the bloom could be rapidly disappearing from this particular rose. I’d rather be watching LOST anyway!

    Yesterday was an emotional day. I didn’t have PMS so I knew it couldn’t be my hormones… I keep thinking of the way the barber in the Haircut episode of Seinfeld is talking about how much he loves Edward Scissorhands, and so I paraphrase: “That Barack and Michelle, they make-a me cry!”

  4. I think you’ve got the formula down pat. Particularly about how the patient ties his shoelaces (for instance, this week’s episode’s diagnosis was aided by the fact that a pipe in House’s apartment burst, leading him to figure out that the patient had chewed through his IV at some point in an attempt to blow air into the tube). You are very astute.

    Despite all this, I still watch House. I own all of the seasons on DVD (why, you ask? I have no idea, especially when you consider that the plot formula is the exact same for every show). I can’t tear myself away. It might be safe to say that I have horrible taste in television, though, because not only am I addicted to Gossip Girl, but I still watch the drivel they call Grey’s Anatomy.

    I understand if you don’t want me to comment here anymore.

  5. Awww, COME ON now. You can and you should keep commenting here! The fact that you appreciated the pure beauty of Arrested Development thereby cancels out those other two bad shows. And who am I to judge, anyway? After all, I just admitted my little House problem. It happens.

  6. Is this a safe place to share that I think Michelle O’s gloves are ugly? I have to tell somebody!

    Oh, and thanks for getting that comments plug-in set up! 🙂

  7. Well, yes…those gloves don’t exactly go well with the rest of the outfit. It’s almost like she was so caught up in remembering everything else that when they stepped outside yesterday morning and it was freezing out, she was like, “Shit! GLOVES!” and ran back into the house to get the first pair she could find.

    I have to be honest…I don’t know what comments plug-in you’re talking about. VP mentioned something about it, too, and I am puzzled since I don’t recall changing anything with my comments, and the page looks the same to me as always. Well, either way, it sounds like a GOOD thing, so…you’re welcome…! 🙂

  8. I think they are talking about the thing on the bottom that says, “Notify me of follow-up comments via email. Manage your subscriptions” I always thought it was there too but maybe I am cool and oblivious like that.

    I cried too while watching the inauguration. I was very emotional that day. I just love Obama and believe in him so much. I want to have lunch with the guy because I really find him to be very charismatic and so intelligent. Already on day two he has done quite a few important things. Yay!

    I like House but never seem to catch it on television. I try not to get addicted to anything on t.v. (other than Dexter, of course) because then I feel like I HAVE to watch it. I am weird like that. But yeah, House is a good show. Especially since Massive Attack’s “Tear Drop” is it’s theme song. 🙂

    Oh and I didn’t see the Beyonce version of “At Last” that you all are talking about. I should go look it up to see if it gets me all weepy as well.

  9. I was teary all day too! And that shot of the people at the Captiol was awesome. Have you seen the shot from space? AMAZING!!!

    And Michelle’s gloves are okay, just not right with her yellow outfit. I thought she looked great all day though and I loved her dress for the Ball. How cool was it that Obama came right out and the first thing he said was “How increidble does my wife look? “

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