The spot between the “i” and the dot


This is just a random post of thoughts that have occured to me today:

* That space that hovers over the line that makes the “i” is so important. If it weren’t there, the lowercase “i” would just be a lowercase “l” (in some fonts, anyway). Also- I don’t always dot my i’s. Often I go back and do them all at the end, but that’s only if I remember to do it. Here’s what a handwriting analysis I just did says about people who do not dot their i’s:

How you dot your ‘i’s indicates your attentiveness to details. We’re sorry to say that if you never dot your ‘i’s it shows that you are poor with details, careless and forgetful.

So, how about that? I’m bad with details and forgetful. Yup, that’s pretty true! The rest of the handwriting analysis noted that while I am an optimist, I don’t have much willpower and often think of my goals as something I’ll do “when I get around to it someday.” Again: TRUE! How do they DO it?!

* For the longest time, I thought Chick-Fil-A was pronounced, “Chick Filla.” There was one Chick Filla in our geographical region, in the Seaview Mall. Everyone in my family called it Chick Filla back then. We’d say things like, “We’re going to the Seaview Mall. Maybe we can get some Chick Filla for lunch!” For some reason, this is cracking me up so much today. I’d forgotten about it! I should start calling it Chick Filla again just to see how long it takes for someone to correct me.

* I also used to mispronounce Depeche Mode. Oh my God, I can’t believe I am admitting this, but… I used to say “Depp-eh-SHAY Mode.” I thought it was some fancy European-style way of saying it. Also, what can I say except I heard about them in writing first before I heard anyone SAY they liked Depeche Mode, so in all fairness, I had nothing to go on except my own educated (?) guess. I did almost die, however, when I said it at a slumber party and the other girls howled with laughter… yup, that was the night I learned how you are supposed to pronounce it. Whatever. I’m still cool.

* I desperately need a printer for my home computer, but I’ve been putting it off because I keep thinking I can find the best deal if I just keep looking. Also, I have a fear that I’m going to buy a total piece of shit like my last printer, so I’ve been wasting time reading often-contradictory product reviews and stuff like that. I should just say the hell with it, and go buy something already. This has been going on since August.

* Right now, I don’t much like the smell of my shampoo and my conditioner, together. Separately, they’re both nice. The shampoo is Herbal Essence’s volume shampoo (orange bottle) and the conditioner is Herbal Essence’s long hair conditioner (red bottle). I had a matching “long hair” set before this, when I decided I’d switch to the “volume” formula now that my hair’s somewhat shorter. But in the meantime I have all this long hair conditioner to use up before I feel OK with starting a new bottle of volume conditioner. So there I am, every morning, thinking about how much I dislike the smell. It’s still better than Dirty Hair Smell. I’ve got that much going for me: at least I wash my hair, right?

* I didn’t want to return to my desk after my lunch hour today, because I am reading a fun book called “Freaks: Alive, on the Inside” right now and I got to a really good part. So I sat in my car and read for as long as I figured I could get away with it. (I did get away with it, btw) I get so charged when I’m reading a book I simply can’t bear to put down. Right now, all I want to do is run out to the car again and read. I had to leave the book in the car, otherwise I know I’d be reading it here at my desk and that shit ain’t right. Also? I HATE reading in a place where people are likely to ask me, “So, whatcha reading there?” Um, a BOOK, jackass. What does it look like? (Besides, I can just imagine the stupid comments I’d get when people see I am reading a book called “Freaks” and has circus imagery on the cover; I’d rather not have to explain, thank you very much.)

* My Mom told me the other day that dogs enjoy to get the pads on their paws massaged. So I have been trying it out on Hurley. He seems cool with it. But I’m not getting a message that he LOVES it or anything. I wish he could tell me. He might not like it. “Hey, can you maybe STOP rubbing my feet for a little while? You’re creeping me out, lady!”

That’s all I have for now. In the meantime, if you have access to a dog, I encourage you to give the old pad-massage trick a try. I just wanna know what happens. I’m weird like that.

Or, if I were handwriting it, “I’m welrd llke that.”


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  1. I’m obsessed with cat paws–they’re just so soft and incredibly forbidden! If you can touch a cat’s paws for 10 seconds before getting swiped at, you’ve earned a gold star. Dog paws are fun too, and you’re quite lucky that Hurley lets you rub his paws, but I imagine the victory isn’t as sweet without the threat of imminent pain and injury. Plus, dog paws are a bit more calloused, so maybe what Hurley really wants from you is some rich moisturizing cream. Think about it.

  2. I used to pronouce Chick-Fil-A the exact same way. Had no idea you were actually supposed to say the letter “A”. And I massage my kitties all the time. They love it! I took a course on pet massage when I was in college and thought about being a vet. And I can’t STAND it when I am reading and someone asks me what I am reading. First of all, they don’t really care. They are pretending to be interested just to make conversation (which is another pet peeve of mine. If you have nothing constructive to say, don’t say anything at all) Second, I AM READING! So obviously I don’t want to be disturbed. GAH!!

  3. Shades- I read up on it, and plan to try some of the circle techniques on Hurley tonight before I go to bed. It sounds pretty cool! I used to massage Malcolm’s back and stomach all the time (he had quite the gurgly belly!) and he looooved it. Aww.

    SA- Seriously?! I’m not the only one who said Depeche Mode that way? I am so glad to hear it! We proud few need not be ashamed.

    VP- And you, too, huh? Chick Filla. And I didn’t know you once wanted to be a vet! Learn something new about your friends everyday… and I bet your kitties are quite happy with the attention they get from you during massage time. You just have to be careful when talking about it; never, ever tell people you are going home to ‘massage your pussy.” Unless you’re into that sorta thing. I won’t judge. As for reading in public– I think it’s incredibly rude to interrupt someone. I can’t believe people still do it!It’s almost like saying “are you awake?” in a loud voice to someone who’s clearly sleeping. Both things will get your ass kicked right-quick.

  4. Chippy- I *just* bought a tiny little container of Bag Balm at Target the other night for the sole (ha ha) purpose of rubbing on his paw-pads! Well, OK, I kind of bought it because it was so flippin’ cute, too. It’s like an inch-by-an-inch square, a wee little green old-timey can… I love it. Not to mention, I have fond memories of watching an old Letterman episode where he talked about bag balm. He was just repeating it, over and over: “BAG balm, Paul. You want some BAG BALM, or what? Hee hee, bag BALM.” It really doesn’t translate well in blog comment form, but trust me, it was funny.

  5. I also want to take a course in pet massage because I think it would be a fun part of my business. I hear it is very good for the animals. My cat Buddy lets me rub his paws and get this, sometimes he likes it so much….. he DROOLS. Could you just die? He is a drooler. haha Adorable. Gross, but adorable.

    That is funny about Depp-esh-AY mode. I wish your friends didn’t laugh at you though. That is not nice. I remember a friend of mine in high school told me when she was younger her sister loved, INXS and she thought it was pronounced “INKS” 🙂

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