I have to do some stuff today


It’s Saturday and that means chores. I wish it didn’t, but this crap has to get done now or never. I really need to get something accomplished so I can go back to work on Monday (oh, noooooo) feeling a little more ready to face a new year. I can’t do it if there are lingering ‘things’ on my to do list. So, for today, I’m tackling the House Stuff.

I have to rake up all the dead pine needles in my front yard and spray the weeds that popped up after all the rain around Christmas. I also need to trim back the crazy purple flowered bush by the sidewalk. Then, I have to take down the Christmas lights and the wreath, and go in the house and take down the tree and decorations and put all of it away again. I should do some laundry, as always. And I’ll need to do my normal cleaning and dusting routine.

I’m also going to the hardware store to get a new mailbox. I am officially sick of waiting for my landlord to do it, and frankly I don’t think I should have to pester him to come back and do what he said he was going to do. He was supposed to do it the second weekend in December and he hasn’t been back to fix that OR the shitty sliding door in the kitchen. I’m just thinking I can do the mailbox myself and kind of have the satisfaction of knowing it’s done rather than feeling like a schlub who has to sit around and wait for someone else to do it. Even if it IS his responsibility, as a landlord. I don’t really give a shit about that right now. I just hate that my mailbox is sitting on the GROUND right now and anyone could just carry it away if they wanted to. See?


It’s been like this since the night I came home from decorating Christmas cookies at my sister’s house to find some punks had smashed my mailbox (and my neighbor’s next to mine), knocking mine right off the post. I tried glueing it back on… yeah, I know, that sounds really stupid when I type it out… but that only worked for a little bit. My patient mailman has been dropping my mail in there from the top even though the box itself doesn’t really want to open and close easily since it was bent from the smashing. (I gave him a nice monetary gift and a note thanking him for his patience!)

So today I’ll just say FUCK IT and fix it myself. Yay! I’m excited to have a new mailbox.

Wow. Does being excited for a new mailbox officially qualify me for being a Boring Older Person or what?

Well, whatever. I’m going to get going here now. But not before I leave you with this image of what was sitting right behind me as I took the mailbox picture just now. He followed me outside and sat down right in the driveway, looking all regal and authoritative.


I love you, Hurley.


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  1. I love when our “kids” need to help us with whatever we are doing. It is so cute!

    I have a whole pile of stuff I should be doing and have no motivation to do it. So I applaud you for having the gumptions to tackle your chores. I need a swift poke in the ass myself it seems.

    I got excited when we bought a new ceiling fan. I think that makes me the qualified pathetic older person. 🙂

  2. I have issues with landlords ever since our last house in Flemington. I cannot believe the shit they are able to get away with and we, as tenants, have to pay rent on time and fulfill our obligations while the landlords sit on their ass and get to repairs when they can. What kind of poppy cock is that?! My landlord now is nice and he’s always been good to us but he takes FOREVER to do things. For example, he said he was going to put in new cabinet doors in our kitchen… in October when we moved in. Well it is now January and I am still waiting for one of his workers to show up, cabinet doors in hand.

    I don’t think you are a boring older person at all. You take pride in your things and that is a good thing. Did that statement just qualify me as a dorky blog commenter?



  3. Aw, he’s protecting you! From … mailbox trolls or something.

    What does it make you if you’re excited about somebody ELSE’s new mailbox, like I am? 🙂 If I had to list all the shit our landlord was supposed to do but hasn’t yet, lo these many months later…

  4. I did it– I got a new mailbox and installed it yesterday! I also bought some cool silver number stickers and put them on the front. I’m so proud of my work I’ve lingered as I pull out of the driveway… and was staring out the window this morning at my mailbox.

    As I stood there, I was aware of how pathetic/funny it was that I was staring at a mailbox. So maybe my awareness cancels out the lameness somehow…? Anyone? Anyone? No?

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