My sister sent me these pictures tonight… they’re from our little cookie decorating party last weekend. As you can see, we did some FINE WORK. There were some drinks consumed as well. Which only improved the quality of the work, in my opinion.



Ol’ Surly worked through her beer buzz to create decorated cookies worthy of the Gods themselves. (Well, maybe not Apollo. He’s got such high standards. Wish he was more like Dionysis; he’ll eat anything.) Here’s proof:


By the way, the cookies were quite delicious. I still have a few… but their numbers dwindle every day. The only hard part? Deciding which ones to eat. Why is it that I am ‘saving’ the prettiest cookies for last? Why does it feel almost wrong to finally bite into these things?

I guess it doesn’t feel all that wrong, since I’m managing to force them down somehow!



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  1. These pictures are awesome and I LOVE the Ho Ho Ho t-shirt. 🙂

    Now I want some cookies. I fele cookie deprived because I have not gotten my father’s package he now sends me since I am not there to help him decorate. Which makes me a sad. I always loved doing cookies with him.

  2. Y’all did so much better than I would have done.

    I think we save the prettiest for last so we can look at our hard work and be proud. Or something, I don’t know but I do the same thing.

    And yes, I need cookies now too.

  3. VP- Old Navy, baby! That shirt is off the HOOK, yo! 🙂

    Sorry, I am fueled by sugar at the moment. Yes, a couple of those cookies were consumed. In fact, one of them is in the picture– the striped candy cane. Just ate it. MMM. I wish I was better at baking, myself, because I’d make a bunch just to send to people. But the truth is I am terrible at baking (my sister did the hard work of baking the cookies from scratch– we just decorated) so it’s not likely to happen anytime soon. I can’t tell you how much flour, salt, eggs, butter and sugar has been thrown right in the trashcan following a failed attempt at cookie-making… sad, actually.

    SA- Thanks for the compliment. It was fun! The hard part was keeping the frosting from hardening as we worked. Foil became an absolute necessity. I’m glad I’m not the only one who saves the good ones for last. I do that with everything I eat, though. I always want my last bite to be of something I like. So I’ll save even a little smidge of it for last. (On Thanksgiving, for example, my last bite has to be either stuffing or green bean casserole… so I make sure it is.) And I would also like to send you cookies, too… 🙂

  4. I love making holiday cookies. Your cookies look yummy. Enjoy them, cookie monster.

    Cookies, Cookies, Cookies start with C!!!!

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