The sparkly reality is…


…I currently have glitter on my TEETH.

And my lips.

I just thought I should share this information with someone.

Don’t ask. It’s funnier that way.


PS: Glitter is very crunchy.


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  1. When I found this picture, I literally yelled out, “JACKPOT!” in my empty house. I really love it! Bravo to that artist, seriously. Well done.

    Drag KING is more like it. The glitter is more subtle, yet quite striking when you see where it is. 😉

  2. That deer, man… I don’t know. It’s just one of those things. You know, how some puppies or kitties are so cute you just want to bite into them for some reason? But of course, you wouldn’t REALLY do that. But the urge is strangely there anyway. What IS that instinct all about? Why do things look “good enough to eat”?

    Perhaps it’s an evolutionary thing; nature ‘tempts’ us with things that seem lovely and edible but in actuality, don’t offer any nutrients or benefits, and in some cases, could even make you sick if you eat them. In this way, the dumber specimens–those who do actually eat that stuff– will die off over time. Darwinism at its best. Maybe pink glitter is one element in this very complex process.

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