Ooooh. Shiny silver things.


All right, all right. They got me. I’ll be seeing this. It looks fantastic. Plus now that I have a new… appreciation… for Hugh Jackman, it adds a nice little bonus to the whole thing.

That reminds me– I have told everyone to go see Australia, right? Well, if not: go see it. It’s really very good. And look at this:

I enjoy the pretty! 🙂


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  1. LOL! I have a friend who is all about all things Taylor Kitsch- she has been updating me on that movie ever since he signed on as Gambit. She’s already looking for a babysitter for the May theatre release so I can go with her to see it.

  2. I thought the Wolverine movie was just a grab for money (which … it is) but the trailer really makes me want to go see it. And not just to look at Hugh Jackman, although that’s always very nice. 🙂

    I’ll probably see Australia when it comes out on DVD.

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