I am so excited to have found this on YouTube! This is probably my all-time favorite comedy bit that’s not in a movie. It features my dear, beloved Chris Elliott. He plays an actor portraying Franklin Delano Roosevelt in a one-man show at a small community theater. The way the facts are presented is the inspiration behind my Reports from the old blog.

At any rate, here are parts 1-3 of this exciting, heart-stoppingly-good piece of comedic gold. Enjoy!


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  1. The banjo stinks!

    Trudie was a real piece of ass!

    Dammit, I love this man. I wish he was more appreciated! I didn’t realize, but there’s some very Tim and Eric type stuff, I wonder if he’s influenced them at all.

    Long live FDR!!!!!!

  2. I couldn’t agree more with the underappreciated thing. This FDR thing will always be one of the greatest things I’ve EVER seen. And I’m rating it up there with things like the Grand Canyon, Malcolm and Hurley, Huber Woods on a rainy summer day…

    “I’m sorry. Excuse me, ‘Mr. President,’ what kind of sandwich are you eating?”

    “No, Mother, no! Not sulfuric acid! Alright, I’ll do what you ask! I’ll stay indoors and not play with the other boys…” (sobs)

    If we ever get to speak to Tim & Eric we have to ask if they’ve seen this. I bet they have. Anyone who’s good at comedy would at least give this a chance.

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