Son of a bitch! I couldn’t change my name today because I was misinformed about the process. I went to the SS office and they told me the copy of the divorce settlement wasn’t enough– I needed to have a certified copy of it before they’d change my name back. AND I would have to drive halfway across the valley to do it, since the office I went to “no longer handles new card processing.” 

First of all: Well, aren’t WE fancy with all that “certified copy” business? All it ended up being was a copy of the same paper I had with me, but with an embossed stamp on it. I had to pay $26.50 for the privilege of watching Bunghole Dude slumped behind the Records counter do this down at the courthouse. The same courthouse I have been trying to avoid even looking at since me and NX went there to file for divorce. That day was just so crappy. I hate when I drive down the freeway and see the building. It really blew to go in again, stand in the exact same spot where we stood in line on that day, waiting to file. The same spot where I tearfully asked him: “Are you sure you want to do this? We don’t have to do this!” Ugh. Today I didn’t cry, though; I just sucked it up and did what I had to and got out of there as quickly as possible.

Second: Since when does a social security office not process new cards? I was just there two years ago in that same place, getting my new card when I got married. Oddly enough– I am only a week off; I got my name changed the first week of December, two years ago. As I walked in the door, I felt like I should have yelled out, “I’m BACK, bitches!!” But anyway, today the place was quite empty when I pulled up and that should have been my first tip off that this location might have “issues.” Last time I was there, I waited almost two HOURS before I got to talk to anyone. I guess my conveniently-located SS office now only does stuff like social security benefits and all of that. No wonder a lot of old folks were shuffling around… the ratio of young to old in that place this morning was definitely skewed. But COME ON. Social Security is all about those little cards. How could they have just two measly locations that do this now; two locations to serve a metropolitan area with millions of people? Ay de mi. Sounds like a massive clusterfuck to me. I can’t WAIT until I can drive out there and have the pleasure of sitting in a hard plastic waiting room chair with the unwashed masses for a couple of hours. It’s going to be awesome.

I’m just going to take a day off next week to get all of this stuff handled in one day. Now that I have the certified copy, that’s the first step, anyway. So it wasn’t a total waste today. I can wait one more week to get it all changed.

And yeah: way to make it easy. Online, all it says is “information in your Divorce Packet” would instruct me how to go about changing my name. To that I said to myself: WHAT Divorce Packet?! I never did get one of those. I got some paperwork, of course, but no Packet. Not even a leaflet. So I tracked down a couple of other places for info on how to change my name, and I got that I need to first do the SS thing by going down in person, prepared to show them the signed divorce decree. So I did that. And maybe, just maybe, they should mention the certified thing. Might help.

OK, so, other than that, things are good. I’m glad it’s a short work week, and I’m getting ready to cook dinner on Thursday for me and my tiny fam’. I’m also reading The Dragon Heir and last night I started watching The Thorn Birds for some reason. I was clicking around, trying to find something to put on while I ate dinner, and ended up with that. My Mom always LOVED that miniseries when I was growing up, and would gush about what a fantastic love story it was. I never really cared, but for whatever reason, I got into it last night and now I’m hooked. I’ll have to watch the other 4 parts this week. Way to be 25 years too late on something!

Speaking of romantic stuff, like so many of us, I’m riding the post-Twilight high. I feel happy when I think of it, just having fun being mellow and listening to the soundtrack. It’s an incredible day out here because it’s overcast and gray. I’m going to go hiking in about an hour because this is perfect weather for hiking. I might not need sunglasses out there! Woooo!

I better go and finish my work so I can actually do the hiking thing. By the way, right now I am listening to Full Moon from the soundtrack… yet another awesome song for a gray day. 🙂


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  1. My parents (both of them, I don’t know what that says about my dad) were really into “The Thornbirds.” Also, “North and South.” And “St. Elsewhere” and “Thirtysomething.” Basically a who’s-who of 80’s television drama.

  2. Oh, and I haven’t read “Twilight” yet, and some of the hysterlia surrounding the movie is kind of annoying me, BUT, I was really into V.C. Andrews when I was a teenager (and I won’t lie to you, I still love the Heaven series), so I can’t judge. Also, I think I might have to start reading them. Yes?

  3. Yes, “Twilight” = GOOD. I definitely recommend the books, Christina!

    I have to be honest, though… I’m having mixed emotions about the movie. It could be that the shrieking teenager contingent skewed my experience, but I’m not sure how to put it into words at this point.

    Oh, and the Casteel series? Hell yes! I tended to stay a V.C. Andrews purist, sticking to the books that weren’t ghostwritten. However, even though the end of the Casteel series was the start of the ghostwriting, it’s still my favorite.

    I actually gave up all my paperbacks with the stepback covers… donated them so that some other adolescent weirdo could enjoy them.

    Am I scaring anyone yet?

  4. Oh. My. God. What a dreadful mess of a day!
    I wouldn’t even know where to start, if I were in your shoes. I changed my SS card by mail from the info in the packet I got when we applied for the marriage license… They do that stuff in OFFICES? is this a new thing?

    I finally put my finger on the other thing- I feel like I did after I saw Blair Witch Project.
    All that hype and then “… that’s it…?”

  5. “As I walked in the door, I felt like I should have yelled out, “I’m BACK, bitches!!” ”

    This is why I love you! 🙂

    When we were tlaking about this last night (which by the way was AWESOME to talk to you!), you going and getting everything changed I remember thinking, “Wow, it sounds so easy to do there.” When I changed everything in MA it was a pain in the ass. I am so sorry it did not turn out to be the in and out job you expected.

    I just realized I typed in and out job. Twice. This is why you love me. 🙂

    It was cloudy here too and I have been grooving to my soundtrack as well. I just love all the tracks so much and have a little smile on my face when I think of the scene that goes with them.

    And OMG! I LOVED VC Andrews. In fact I found my old books the other day and seriously considered rereading them. I was totally obsessed with them as a pre-tween/teenager. Like I am now with Twilight. 🙂

  6. I’m sucked into the Thorn Birds too, for the same reason! Did your mother have a ridiculous crush on Richard “Dick” Chamberlain as well? Don’t tell the ladies that he likes the fellas, is all I’m sayin’.

    Wishing you luck on your name change adventure! Booooo for red tape! Yayyyy for stolen breadsticks!

  7. Christina, remember the horrible Flowers in the Attic movie?! HA! I had forgotten about that until now… probably for good reason. BTW, that book is the reason I don’t eat powdered doughnuts.

    bj2k- you got way deeper into the VC Andrews world than I ever made it, and for that I commend you! I just read the Flowers series. Such melodramatic titles! “If There be Thorns”… oh, my damn. I’m not scared. I’m fascinated. And I’m so glad I wasn’t the only adolescent weirdo. Some of the stuff I was into back then… everyone else was listening to MC Hammer and I was groovin’ to obscure 50s and 60s music and the Legend soundtrack. Because, yes: My Love WAS Strong Enough.

    Shades- Shoot, the whole thing is a mess! I wonder if it’s just an AZ thing or something. It just seems like it should be easier. I hate this kind of stuff. It’s like going to the dentist. And I think your Blair Witch comparison makes sense. Don’t worry, I completely respect the fact that you liked it a wee bit less than I did; and I do apologize to the non-Twilight-people for all the gushing. Can’t help it.

    Lengli- Oh, man! So glad I am not the only one watching this thing. I didn’t watch part 2 yet tonight (had to DVR it) but I am curious to see how they transition from lil’ Meggie to 80’s hair Meggie. And if I can find hints of the fella-lover coming through Dick. I imagine with my gaydar I’ll spot it. He can’t be THAT good of an actor. Can he? Is that a breadstick under your robes, Father? Or just a skinny little altar boy? SNAP.

  8. Ah, we would’ve been great weirdo pals back then, too… I was into the MC Hammer stuff, sure, but having my awesome older brother and my parents as influence also made me a huge fan of The Descendents, Billy Vaughn, and all kinds of other stuff that had classmates wondering why I wasn’t just blaring Springsteen (in elementary/middle) and C+C Music Factory (early HS) like everyone else.

    And I would’ve loaned you my books in HS, Holmes.

    The one thing I remember from the “Flowers” movie: “Eat the cookie, mother!”

  9. Oh, VC Andrews. That takes me back. Nothin’ like some sexy, sexy incest for your adolescent readers out there. I did see that The Thorn Birds was on TV, but I knew if I started watching I’d get sucked in, and I couldn’t have that.

    My favorite tracks on the “Twilight” soundtrack are “Tremble for my Beloved” and “Supermassive Black Hole.” I wasn’t kidding about wearing this CD out.

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