Twilight Weekend


Note to Twilight: Please don’t suck!

Yes, it’s finally upon us: the movie. I’m excited for it. Not so psyched that I’d sacrifice sleeping-hours to do a midnight showing last night or anything (I have to be at work by 8 and have enough trouble getting here as it is these days), but enough so that I have it on my mind several times a day. Mostly I am curious about the technical details, like how much money will it earn this weekend? What will the review-consensus be? Will they please keep that horrible Robert Pattinson song OUT of the film itself (no singing Edward, please, please PLEASE) and just run it out at the end of credits or something? Will I like Jacob? (Because, sorry everyone, I’m actually on TEAM JACOB!) I’m just so curious and amazed that this book has now grown to massive-movie level. It’s very cool. I can’t wait to be immersed in the world of the movie. I’m ready to view the movie as something SEPARATE from the book. It’s one person’s interpretation. But I like interpretations. I’m in, I’m along for whatever ride it ends up being!

Hopefully, we’ll still be seeing it tomorrow night, but it could be Sunday now. Either way, I refuse to get to the end of the weekend without seeing it. I’m going with my sister, of course. Hands down, she is the perfect person to see this with and we wouldn’t betray one another by seeing it without the other one. We’re like that. Especially about movies we care this much about.

I took my first official step towards the screenwriting goal: I joined a Meetup group for screenwriters, and the first meeting is tomorrow afternoon. I’m kind of nervous! It’s going to feel so weird walking into a group of people who already know one another and try to fit in somehow. I assume they’ll be OK, though, because otherwise why would they post on Meetup in the first place if they’re going to be hostile to new members? It’s just me, and how I get about new situations. Also, it’s kind of different because I feel like a poser right now. At least when I went to the writer’s group meetings last year, I walked in with a lot of experience and many clips and pages of stories. With this, I am walking in empty-handed, since I haven’t yet written a script. I hope they’ll be cool about that and take my word for it– that I will develop clips very, very soon, once I know how to do it. I’m pretty psyched, though, to be doing something already and feeling good about the decision. I’m happy that the screenwriting thing wasn’t just something that I was excited about for one day, and then woke up the next day not caring so much about it anymore. So far, it’s sticking.

I made a possible friend-connection last night, in my neighborhood. That’s pretty significant, for a couple of reasons. One- I am pretty shy about saying hello to strangers. Two- I always walk Hurley at night, between 9:30 and 10:30, when most people are in their houses watching TV or sleeping; this leaves very little opportunity to even SEE people to be shy about saying hello to. And three- for whatever reason, people in Arizona are not very friendly towards their neighbors. Maybe it’s everywhere, but I’ve heard people say that out here, everyone is blocked off by block walls and fences and with the need for constant A/C, no one really hangs out outside long enough to talk to anyone. I’ve definitely experienced the “I have no ideas who my neighbors are” thing out here.

Anyway, just as we were coming back from our walk last night, I see a woman walking up the sidewalk towards us with a German Shepherd. Hurley started whining and wagging his tail, saying “oh, pleasepleasePLEASE can I go see that dog?!” As the woman got closer, I could see her dog doing the same thing. She called out to see if my dog was friendly… I said yes, and we let the two of them meet. We stood in my driveway for a good five minutes, talking. I found out she lives only two houses away, with 5 roommates (wow!), her name is Jessie and her dog’s name is Toots. Pronounced the way truckers talk to waitresses: “Hey, Toots, can I get some sugar over here?” Hurley and Toots got along splendidly. We let them off leash after a couple of minutes, and they just wandered around the driveway and up on my porch, sniffing each other and wagging tails. I think Hurley even developed a crush on the graceful Toots, a little… he looked longingly after her as they went back home and we went into the house. Anyway, Jessie said that anytime I wanted someone to walk the dog with, to knock on her door. I’ve never done anything like that. Just go up to someone’s house and say “is now a good time to walk?” or whatever; plus, she lives with 5 other people. What if she doesn’t answer the door? Sheesh. I’ll feel like a weird dork. I invited her to do the same, so I kinda hope she’ll be the one to make the first move. After that it will be fine. It’s just that whole “did she really mean it or was she just being polite” thing too. You never know. Either way, I went inside last night feeling a sense of accomplishment because I’d talked to a new person. If I get scared tomorrow at the screenwriter’s meeting, I’ll have to remind myself of this. “I can do eeeet!”

Here are a couple of random things:

* I helped my sister pick out a mattress last night. I didn’t know that stores sometimes sell their own Tempur-Pedic mattresses, but under their brand and not Tempur-Pedic…and although it’s essentially the same mattress as those $3K ones, it can be had for a quarter of that price if you play your cards right. Which my sister did. It’s very cool, and I am a little jealous of that new mattress!

* I bought a little pink Creative Stone MP3 player the other night for $25 and I love it! It’s so incredibly wee.

I used it on my bike this morning as I came into work, and it was awesome to be able to clip it to the basket and change songs or whatever as I rode along. Before this, I’ve been bringing my HUGE-in-comparison Creative Zen Touch player (they don’t even make it anymore so I can’t find a picture or link to show you) and not only is it pretty heavy, it’s getting more susceptible to jostling and movement as it gets older so whenever I went over a big bump or the bike shook a lot, the song playing would skip or pause. And I’d have to stop riding to fix it because I needed to keep it inside my backpack, in the basket, because it wasn’t safe anywhere else. I should mention I bring that Zen thing hiking all the time, too, and it has fallen many times now. It has a bad dent on one edge of it from slamming down on a rock one time last spring, and numerous scuffs and scrapes. I don’t even know how many GB it is anymore, because the part of the label that said that has been worn away. Poor thing. It’s done a great job though in the 3 years that I’ve had it, and I remain loyal to the Creative brand. This new little Stone player is only 2GB but that’s plenty for bike ride/hiking music mixes. And I can clip it to my shirt, for god’s sake. That’s so cool. I heart technology sometimes. (When it doesn’t scare me.)

* I really like that Simply Orange juice. Oh, my goodness. Mmmmm. It’s so expensive for juice, though! I’ve decided, though, that since OJ is so crucial to my morning well-being (I simply love it with breakfast and hate when I can’t have it– like this morning, because I ran out and was too lazy to back out to the store last night to get more), it’s perfectly acceptable to spend the extra money to get the good stuff. I usually go for the storebrand juice that’s cheapest. Not anymore. Now that I’ve sampled the nectar of the Gods, I can’t go back to mere-mortal-juice! It’s only juice. And heck, if this is my indulgence, it’s not all that terrible as far as indulgences go. It’s not like I am upgrading to the GOOD crystal meth. Sheesh.

* I have lots of static in my house. Sometimes Hurley looks like a barrel cactus walking around the house, it’s so bad. I get shocked constantly on doorframes and lightswitches. So I bought Static Guard. The stuff works great. A little on Hurley’s brush works miracles.

But seriously dudes…it STINKS! Have you smelled it? Ugh, it makes me a little nauseous. I hate when there is something you really need to use but it fucking reeks. That’s a sucky problem to have, isn’t it? Is there anything you use that smells like total ass? TELL ME ABOUT IT! I am here to listen to your stanky woes. That’s what I bring to the table: a shoulder to cry on when it comes to talking about things that stink. Other women can offer witticisms, good advice, financial tips and suggestions on how to best wear that new A-line skirt. Not me!


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  1. FUCK! I was just writing you a nice comment and somehow I clicked out. Ugh, I don’t remember what I was writing!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anyway, let me think… oh right……. I said that I am so happy you are putting yourself out there and meeting new people and joining groups because you are dealing with your shyness and other issues first hand. It is going to get so much easier for you to do those things with out you know who putting you down and making you think you are wrong or whatever. Plus you are so fabulous, fun and funny, you really should be out there and letting people see the real you. But don’t get all crazy and get naked trying to show people the REAL YOU. I meant your inner beauty no the outer beauty. I don’t want to see you on the news getting arrested for indecent exposure now since Arizona is a semi conservative state.

    I LOVE the name Toots. I thought it was the words that rhymes with “boots” so I am glad you cleared that up. What a cute name. Not sure if it fits a German Shepard but it very cute and clever nonetheless.

    I am not going to see Twilight but I do look forward to your review as well as the other ladies who love it.

    Have fun at the meeting. I can’t wait to hear about that as well. 🙂

  2. I confess (now that I know I am in good company who isn’t going to hit me) that I am also Team Jacob… if I were to be on a team, I mean… I cant imagine how New Moon can be much of a movie, though, really… bet it goes straight to DVD or something…

    Gawd that Rob Pattinson song is dreadful! I mean, who thought that would be a GOOD idea? He could have at least done a different STYLE of song and maybe that would have actually worked WELL!

    Aww! I like that you and Hurley met some friends! That is too cool! and it’s good because “only dogs” seem to have a tendency to forget how to be dogs if they don’t get regular canine action. Yay! And I’m always a fan of German Shepherds.

    OJ is one of my staples. I do buy grocery store brand, but it’s more because the only brand name OJ I like is Tropicana and it’s too damn expensive. Although Simply Orance IS cheaper than it, and I did try that recently and I approve. What I loathe- Minute Maid. Is there no more BITTER of an OJ? Ick! ptooey! And as some wise friends of mine pointed out, food is something they don’t mind spending more $ on, because, after all, we are what we eat. Sometimes buying a quality product that we enjoy is better in the end. After all, I’ve already switched to a GOOD shampoo, and a GOOD deodorant. They cost me twice as much, but they also last more than TWICE AS LONG, so… I break even, or sometimes save, actually…

  3. No SA, I am right there with you. I don’t like fantasy or Vampires so I pretty much could care less. I hate saying that too because L and EVERYONE who blogs loves the books so I am sorry if I offended anyone.

  4. Yayyy for Meetups! How did it go? DID THAT MEYER BOY BOTHER YOU? And yayyy for new friends too! You’ll have to let us know if she proves to be a nice girl! For a second I made the connection that SHE hung out in trucker bars where she was called Toots, and I rather like that version–it’s one in which she wears a buffont and cracks her gum.

    I’ll have to try Simply Orange. I must admit, my grandmother raves about it, but this is the woman who calls a pack of Wonder Bread “fresh” just because she got it that same day (“I bought FRESH bread today at the store…it’s WONderful….”). Now I have a second opinion about this magical OJ.

  5. LOL! I was like Naynay once. And I mostly still am. I haven’t gone out and read every vampire book I could get my hands on after reading these, and I’m content to stay that way! I don’t blog about them because I’m not as over-the-moon about them as most. Twilight- great story, very refreshing and interesting concept, however the book didn’t end the way I wanted it to and I would not have opted to franchise and series it. Thought it would have been better as a stand-alone, one-time deal. It’s sequel… the author did a great job of putting how a breakup feels as a teen into words, but other than that I think the book was a waste of space and paper. The other two were good, but, like I said, the story didn’t go the way I WANTED IT TO, and I still think it should have been a one-hit wonder.

    But there’s that “once you read one, you have to read them all” momentum.

    Is it my favorite? no. I prefer Anne Bishop’s Black Jewels Trilogy and Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance cycle, but… whatever.

  6. I was thinking the same thing about the Old Orchard Cranberry-Apple Juice we drink just today. It’s a little pricey, but good for us, so if that’s what I’m indulging on then it’s okay.

  7. You will love jacob in the movie. He is perfect! And wow, still not liking that song. Well, don’t worry, he doesn’t sing it. It just plays during one scene and it fits really well. Because I did not like that song either, first time I heard it I was like, what the hell. But it works where it is in the movie and now I like it. Although I haven’t listened to it not in the movie again, so maybe it would still suck on its own.

    I think you will really like the movie. And I took it the same way. As seperate form the books, so not to be disappointed. But I was pleasantly surprised as to how well they followed the storyline. But I was a huge fan of Rob Pattinson as Edward from the sstart and a lot of people don’t like him so it will be interesting to see what you think. I went with a friend the seocnd time who did not like him and she left the movie totally convinced he had pulled Edward off. Can’t wait for everyone else to see it.

    So glad you are meeting people and the workshop sounds increidble! I bet you are totally going to rock that.

    I love Simply Orange too! I cringe when I see the price, but it tastes so good I can’t resist. And that tiny little player is so cute. I may have to look into that for myself. 🙂

    shades-who would hit you for liking Jacob? 🙂 He’s adorable! I don’t understand the whole Team Jacob versus Team Edward conspiracy. We all like who we like and Bella ends up with who she decided. The women who argue their stance to the death are ridiculous. You will not believe the arguments I heard at the midnight movie showing.

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