October kicks ass


I’m loving this cooler weather we’re finally having. It’s awesome as hell to have it only hit the low 80s during the day. Holy cow. Now all we need are some lovely, overcast days to make it perfect. Too much sun in this damn place to make it feel Halloween-y enough.

Yesterday after work I hiked the mountain with Hurley. It was only his second hike, but he was like an old pro. He led the way most of the time, in fact… just trotting up the trails ahead of me, jumping from rock to rock, his little black butt wiggling as he scuttled along… it was the happiest sight and it made me laugh out loud more than once. Last time we hiked, I was worried he hated it because of the uneven surfaces but I guess he just needed to get used to it. I doubt there will be a problem bringing him from now on. Yay!

The best part of the hike, outside of his awesomeness, was the weather. It was right around sunset, so the light was fading and everything in the preserve looked different by the minute. I love long shadows in the desert, the way it feels darker in the shadow of other mountains. And then getting to the top of a trail and standing there in the wind, admiring the oranges and pinks stretching out across the sky over the city. Ahhhh. But last night it was also a full moon, and it was out well before the sun went down. It became brighter and more pronounced as the light disappeared, and I can’t explain how pretty it was to walk the trails and see the big, round moon right there above everything. It was pretty much the perfect hike, I think. (Except for when Hurley took a shit right in the middle of a trail as we were going downhill…right on the rockface, for God’s sake… couldn’t he move off to the side or something? And did two other hikers have to be coming up the trail at that same moment? Oh, well, that’s the way it goes with an animal accustomed to crapping whenever the mood strikes. Remind me not to ever go hiking with Andy Dick. I bet he does the same thing.)

The only thing was that I was a little bit concerned we wouldn’t make it back to the car in time; that we would be trapped out there on the trail in the dark. That would have sucked. I didn’t think of bringing a flashlight just in case. It was hard to estimate how far we could go before we’d be too far out to get back with some light. So yes, flashlight = necessity. Add that to the list of crap I need to stuff into my pockets. I plan to make a light little backpack so I can carry everything easier AND feel free to wear pants without pockets. Do you know how hard it is to only have two pairs of hikin’ pants that work for what I need? It’s difficult, OK? Grrrr! The stuff you need to carry with you is definitely the downside of hiking. It’s great that a treadmill has the little compartments for the water bottle, the MP3 player, the towel… but it’s even more great to be out on an open trail than pacing in one place for an hour. So I’ll take it.

My car is in the shop today. I haven’t heard from the mechanic yet regarding the severity of the problem, but I really hope it can be fixed in one day, and that it won’t be super expensive. I neglected to get a certain problem taken care of for…um…about a YEAR now… and now I will likely pay the price. It started as a little knocking sound when I started the car cold, and then it happened more frequently, the sound grew louder over time, to the point where now it sounds absolutely awful when it’s idling. I had the delivery guy from Alphagraphics come over to my car in my job’s parking lot to make sure I didn’t need help as I sat there hooking up my MP3 player and getting ready for the drive home. The sound makes people get out of their delivery vans and come over to see if I need assistance. Holy hell. I think that was the sign I needed to get the poor car in for some work. It’s been such a great car all these years, too.

Well, I have to try hard to get this seriously awful article finished up today. It’s already way too late as it is. But it’s also the most difficult one I have written to date, since it’s about European legislation regarding carbon reduction for both manufacturing and service industries. I have GOT to get me a fluff piece assignment next, because I have had just too many of these intricate topic-articles for awhile.

Thinking is HARD. Me want candy and naps.


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  1. Welcome back!

    LOL! Hurley IS a herding dog. He’s all kinds of agile you just don’t know about yet! Sheep don’t only live on lush, flat even terrain, you know! Especially not where he and his kind originate from! I bet he’s lovin’ the rocks, inclines and unevenness!

  2. Thanks! You’re right, he is one hell of a rock climber. It’s just such a change from our first hike, when he was very hesitant. Because he’s such a good dog and will heel upon command, I’ve been using Malcolm’s old retractable leash with him. He loves that out on the trail for sure! He can trot off ahead of me, leading the way. Or, he can circle back and follow me when he is unsure of the best path to take. It was really cute when, at a couple of tough passes, he followed in my exact tracks. Also– we had stopped at one point for a water break on the way up, and when we were on the way back and passed that same spot, he pulled over and stopped, as if to say, “Well, are you gonna give us some water now, or what? This is the place for it.” 🙂

  3. “Oh, well, that’s the way it goes with an animal accustomed to crapping whenever the mood strikes. Remind me not to ever go hiking with Andy Dick. I bet he does the same thing”

    HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!

    I am loving the cooler weather as well. It is a nice change from the stifling oppressive heat and makes me want to get outside and do things. Me! The anti-nature girl outside! Imagine that. 🙂

  4. Outside is the fun side!
    (Except for the fact that inside has lovely TV and snacks. And beds and showers. Damn. I love inside, too.)

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