Pictures of a handsome devil.


I really need to go to bed now, but I wanted to share these recent photos of my Hurlihey Boy. (Hopefully that’s a reference that’s not lost on all of you… please tell me someone gets that, besides my sister, that is.)

All smiles for the dog on the carpet!

I heard a little dragging sound on the futon earlier tonight as I was at the computer, and I looked over to see that a small creature had discovered one of my shoes. Here’s proof.

First- my camera is officially a piece of pure CRAP. Look at this photo quality. Eeesh. But in any case, here is Hurley and the person he lives with. The person in this picture is infatuated with those adorable lower teeth on that dog. Hence, the inclusion of an otherwise horrible photo in this post.

Oh, my mistake. I had another one to share. Aren’t they the cutest little (overexposed) teeth?

Later in the evening, he brought Hedgie up onto the trusty futon. I am sensing a pattern.

I finally got a shot of the front of the house (and Hurley on the porch). I plan to send this to my Dad so he can see that I am not living in some hellhole. Well, I AM, but that’s just because I regularly summon the devils and demons up from the depths with my incantations; it is my choice that this is a hellhole. ANYWAY, off the subject again! The point is, Hurlihey was quite adept at the distance “stay” and I was happy to see he didn’t try to run off. I mean, it’s not everyday this poor dog gets outside and away from the demons behind that innocent looking door. He could have run when he had the chance. That’s because he likes this hellhole. And me. I am honored. šŸ™‚

That’s all for now. The devil needs to go take a shit in the yard. Who am I to keep the devil waiting?


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  1. Ah, good! Every dog needs a hedgehog!

    Front of the house is cute, too!

    Love the rug!

    You got yourself a good dog, there!


    Just needed to chime in with that! But seriously, Hurley is rather a handsome devil! Squee!

  3. Shades- You’re right, every dog needs a hedgehog! Hurley’s the first one I’ve had, though, that has not torn his hedgehog apart. He doesn’t do that with anything; he merely carries his things from place to place and kind of closes his mouth down on them and sits there being adorable. That’s why I wasn’t totally freaked out about him getting my shoe. He didn’t do anything with it except sit with it. Oh my God, it was too cute. I’m getting squeeee-y all over again just thinking about it! šŸ™‚ (PS: Thanks for the compliments, too.)

    Tinabellina- You should post a pic or send some of your old sheltie. Now that I have one, I’m kind of getting into them. I haven’t heard ONE negative thing about shelties. I’m totally enjoying having one. He’s just very cool and cute. I also think that Malcolm may have been a sheltie in a little chihuahua mutt body, because he really had a lot of the same personality traits, especially when he was younger. It’s hard to remember now, but there was a time when he had a doggy door and loved going in and out and barking at anything that passed by the fence opening he could see out of. Then he’d strut back to the house all proud of himself. Hurley does that now, with birds flying over the yard, or lizards by the fence. Anyway, yes, I want to see your sheltie! They are so cute!

    Lengli- Ahh, yes. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, STOP THIS INSANITY! LET THE BOY WATCH YOUR HOUSE!! Now that I have called him the Hurlihey Boy, I kind of want to keep calling him that because I like imagining him talking in that little Adam Sandler voice and me defending him (to who?) in the big Farley boom. Plus, he would make a good house sitter. And you should let him sleep in the bed. (Sidenote: this morning for some reason when I woke up and was saying good morning to Hurley, I said, “Hey, how ya doin’, Freshness?” and it made me laugh because I like that one. Freshness. No idea why or how it came out of my mouth. Maybe I should use it on people, too.)

    Fraulein- I am actually trying to get him to like the camera. you wouldn’t know it from these cute little shots but it is a bitch to get him to hold his head still to look in the direction of the camera; he seems to want to turn away at the flash. Like me, actually. But anyway, yes, he started out as a kind of unphotogenic dog, and through constant harassment with the camera, I like to think I am desensitizing him and he’s going to start liking it. He’d better anyway, if he knows what’s good for him. šŸ™‚

  4. I love the first picture, he looks like he is smiling. And the hedgehog shot is adorable.

    Your house is cute! I had to chuckle though because you know you live in a desert when your front yeard is all rock, on purpose. That took me a long time to get used to out here in Vegas. In fact my back yeard is all gravel too! šŸ™‚

    Oh and your shipment of wolfsbane and virgin’s blood is on its way. I hope it makes it in time for the ritual. šŸ˜‰

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