Some pictures because I am “antsy” right now

My new house

My new house


Mystery maybe-dog. 🙂


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  1. What a beautiful-looking house and what a feisty-looking maybe-dog! Just looking at these pictures makes me feel happy and like you’re off to a wonderful new start.

    And oh! I just noticed that puppy has two different-colored eyes, just like David Bowie! You can ask him all about his freak-y dreams. Please?

  2. That is ONE bitchin’ kitchen. I love it! And knowing the prices in Arizona it is probably a s steal compared the prices of apartments here. Oh and the mystery dog you may be getting is super cute and good luck getting him/her. I think a dog is great for your “recovery”. Make sure he’s a good listener though. 🙂

  3. Lengli, the house is pretty cute, and I hope I can decorate it to do it justice (like the owners did in that pic above– sadly that cool carpet doesn’t come with the house). Thanks for the compliment on it! And I think if I do get lucky enough to become that dog’s next owner, I will name him Bo. Full name Bowie. Of course. No question.

    Naynay, the house is actually cheaper than some of the 2 bedroom apartments in the area, and it already has a dog door and fenced yard. I do feel like I am lucky to find it. This is the market to rent a house, for sure! Oops, I realize that is in opposition with my sister’s occupation. Sorry, schwes.

    Shades, I will get more photos once I am settled in that show the colors even better! The entire house is painted a pretty yellow-gold color with white and black trim-it’s very unique. 🙂

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